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(May 22nd, 2001)

The Stax tiles that lied between the doors in front of the Stax studio (click on the banner at the top of the INDEX page for a large view) have fortunately been preserved. They can be found in Memphis' Mud Island on the Mississippi. Once again, thanks to Joe Pusateri for the photo on location.


(May 9th, 2001)

Wayne Jackson

Wayne Jackson's web site has just been updated. Very interesting fresh news to look at. Go to


(May 2nd, 2001)

Curtis Johnson

Curtis Johnson, former member and lead singer of Stax group The Astors was of course at the Stax Groundshaking Show. Find his relation of the event and his photos on his own web site at


(April 29th, 2001)

Stax logo

The following message is typical of what was Stax in the late sixties and early seventies for its neighborhood and the people living around. The atmosphere was friendly, anybody could have a look inside, get a job or meet the legendary Stax artists. Thanks for sharing your memories, Gregory.

"My name is Gregory McCullum. I lived right besides the Stax recording studio in Memphis Tennessee.My address was 1118 College St. At the time, I was a teenager. I was allowed to go inside and clean up the offices, it was really a great thrill for me to meet a lot of great people. I was also into music as a singer,and a writer, but wasnt known. The people of today does not know how much of a family we had there. It was my home away from home. Growing up without a father in my home, I was still not fatherless.The guys accross the street at Stax didn't know it at the time, but they really taught me a lot.
Thanks again guys for a second chance to be blessed with not one but many fathers."


(April 24th, 2001)

Stax Control Room

Talking with Deanie Parker, Joe Pusateri has learnt that the owner of the former "Memphis Music Museum" is going to donate his Stax items to the new Stax Museum. There are over 300 items. Joe went to the museum just before it closed last year and they had quite a bit of stuff including, he believes, the mammoth "Voice of the Theater" speakers, one of them being seen on the above photo of the Stax control room (Jim Stewart at the board).


(April 23rd, 2001)

Joe Pusateri and Isaac Hayes
April 20th, 2001

Hello All. I just got back from the Stax groundbreaking.......WOW is all I can say! OK, a little more.

I got to the Stax site (not Patrick's :) about 8:45 this morning (April 20th, 2001) and there were people everywhere. McLemore was blocked off. I had to park 2 blocks away. I got to the Stax site and there was a bandstand under a tent on the site close to College street. In front of the bandstand was a roped off area. I stayed on the McLemore side of the stage for a bit and then I saw a man getting out of a seat on the second row. I went up and asked the young man that was sitting next to it if it was taken. He said no and to go ahead and have a seat... He he. Here I am... WOW.

Then, up on stage, a group of people were gathering. I recognised Deanie Parker from her photos. Then came the introductions. First off were the politicians, then the Stax Museum people who put this together. Then came an ensemble band from the LeMoyne-Owen College that played "Green Onions", then a group of singers from the College came out and sang a great song. I don't know what it was but it was great. Then a preacher came out, gave a prayer and listed the names of all the Stax artists that are no longer with us.

Then Anita from the Soul Children sang "I'll Take You There" with the LeMoyne-Owen College ensemble. Then came up David Porter who spoke a few words. People in the audience were shouting "Stax is back... Stax is back!" At this point, the artist and politicians were pouring onto the stage. First, I believe, Zelma Redding spoke and said that her husband would be proud of what is taking place for the young people of Memphis. Steve Cropper came out and shared what Stax was to him and told that he remembered being on his hands and knees where we were sitting with a hammer knocking off bolts on the floor (when the theater seats were bolted down) so they could lay carpet down.

More people started to enter the stage and the young man next to me who had a camera in his hand jumped up and started taking pictures. I asked him who he was taking photos of (since he had not taken any before that) and he said that he was taking photos of his dad who was a member of the Bar-Kays after the crash. Since he was white, I assume it was Ron Gorden.

Next, I remember Isaac Hayes walking from another roped off area and the crowd surging towards the stage. Isaac spoke a few words and then came Rufus Thomas who got a standing ovation. He said a few words too and the band started playing. Then, I think, an emotional Deanie Parker announced the donation from the owner of the former "Memphis Music Museum" (more than 300 items about Stax, including a part of the original sound equipment).

Then was announced the ground breaking and a huge mechanic shovel (heavy equipment)... did I say HUGE. Fireworks were flying as it hit the ground. At this point, photographers were jumping on stage and I kinda got pushed up there with them.(they had passes, I did not :).

I finally worked my way to the left side of the stage and was taking photos when Wayne Jackson waved at me (I must have looked like someone he knows) and kind of motioned me to the part of the stage where the artist entered. Behind this ramp was a tent set up for the artists. I kept a low profile at first, since I had no pass hanging around my neck.

I talked to Deanie Parker for a few minutes and acted as if I belonged there :). Very sweet lady! I asked her if she would mind if I got a photo with her and she said sure. I gotta tell you that all I had with me was one of those throw away cameras and I asked one of the photographers if he would take the picture and he said sure. I handed the camera to him and he looked at it, shook his head and handed it back to me (jerk)! Deanie was talking to other people so I did not interrupt her, then Isaac came back and I did get one with him.

At this point, I was on the entrance ramp and stayed there for a good while. All these Stax folks were wandering around on stage, talking and getting photos taken. I was standing next to a very pretty lady with a hat on who was kind of helping to support an older lady. I said to the older lady "It sure is a great day" and she said "It sure is". We stood there for several minutes and then, the pretty lady with the hat escorted the older woman down the ramp and around the corner of the tent set up for the artists. I could have kicked myself in the butt when I realised that it was Estelle Axton and the pretty lady was her granddaughter.

At this point, I thought, what the hell, all they can do is kick me out. So, I went down the ramp and hung around the VIP tent. I stood next to Deanie Parker again and watched her and Isaac give interviews. I then talked to Deanie some more. I asked her if they needed more volunteers. She said not at this point, but they need money. She also stated that there was going to be a huge party when it opens. She said that they were having a big meeting that afternoon (I assume since a lot of the artists were in town).

I spotted Wayne Jackson and talked with him and his lovely wife Amy for a few minutes. I told her that my wife like her recipes on the Wayne Jackson Website and she seemed real pleased.

At this point I ran out of film. DRAT!! Of course, who should come around the corner but Eddie Floyd! At least, I got his autograph.

People were milling around everywhere and I wanted to see what the site looked like with all the people, so I started to walk across the street and next to me, walking across the street too, was Steve Cropper. A woman in a shop across McLemore called him into the shop and he walked in for a minute. I waited outside and called Steve Leigh (former Stax keyboardist) with my cell phone when Cropper walked out. I said Sandy Leigh was on the phone and he took the phone and talked to Steve for a minute.

Then, I walked with him to his car and we talked some more. He got into his Lexus and I wished him a safe trip. I then went back to the tent and milled around in brain overload at this point :). After a little while I figured I had better get to my car as people were leaving. I started to walk back across McLemore and there was Marvell Thomas and his wife ( I assume that it was his wife). I talked with him for a few minutes, then made it back to my car.

Joe Pusateri a.k.a. SloppyJoe, Memphis TN


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