Shirley Brown was born on 6th January 1947 in West Memphis then moved to Saint Louis where she sang with many soul artists before a first recording on A-Bet in Nashville. She then moved to Stax (in fact the Truth label subsidiary) in 1974 and will always be remembered for her highly acclaimed million seller-Grammy nominated hit Woman To Woman.

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I Ain't Gonna Tell - UK Mojo 2092-031 1972 (B-side of St. Louis Breakdown by Oliver Sain)
I Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody / Love Is Built On A Strong Foundation - UK Contempo-Raries CS.9025 1972

Stax/Truth Singles (TRA serie):
3206 Woman To Woman/Yes Sir Brother (UK Stax STXS 2019 1974)
3223 It Ain't No Fun/I've Got To Go On Without You (1974)
3231 It's Worth A Whippin'/Between You And Me (1975)

Stax Single (STX serie):
3222 After A Night Like This/Crowding In On My Mind
3224 Dirty Feelin'/Eyes Can't See

Blessed Is The Woman (With A Man Like Mine) / Lowdown, Dirty, Good Lover - UK Arista 102 1977
Givin' Up / I Need Somebody To Love Me - US Arista AS0254 1977
I Can't Move No Mountains / Honey Babe - US Arista AS0334 1978
You've Got To Like What You Do / Same Time, Same Place - US 20th Century 12" TCD-116 1980
Leave The Bridges Standing / Looking For The Real Thing - US Sound Town ST-0005 1984
Shootin' A Blank / Shootin' A Blank (rap) - US Chelsea Avenue CAR 8600 1986
If This Is Goodbye / After Tonight - US Black Diamond 1989

(US) Abet 9444 I Ain't Gonna Tell (Nobody)/Love Is Built On A Strong Foundation (1971)
Truth 3223 Rel. 2/75 (Not 74)
(Us 7") Arista As O231 Blessed Is The Woman (With A Man Like Mine)/Lowdown,Dirty,Good
Lover (1976)
(Us 7") Arista As O270 Long On Lovin'/A Mighty Good Feeling (1977)
(Us)Stax 3222 Rel. 1979
(Us)Stax 3224 Rel. 1979 Too
0th Century Fox 2473 (7")  Same Time, Same Place / You've Got To Like What You Do (1980)
(Us)20th Century Fox 2483 (7") You've Got To Like What You Do/Same Time, Same
Place (1981)
(Us) Sound Town O
07 (Undated) I Don't Play That/Leave The Br (Standing
(Us)Sound Town O
09 (Undated) This Use To Be Your House/I Don't Play That
(Us)Sound Town O
012 (Undated)  Boyfriend/I Don't Play That
(Us)Chelsea Avenue Also On Ichiban 86-109 (1986)
(Us) Stax Stx-1000 Woman To Woman/It Ain't No Fun (1977 Reissue, Also On
Collectables Col. 71000)



Woman To Woman - STAX/TRUTH TRS-4206 (USA, vinyl) (UK Stax STX 3005 vinyl, Ace CD CDSXD 02, Fantasy CD SCD 4135)
Side 1: It ain't no fun / Long as you love me / Stay with me baby / I've got to go on without you
Side 2: Woman to woman / So glad to have you / Passion / I can't give you up / I need you tonight / Between you and me

Shirley Brown - UK Arista SPARTY 1017 1977.
Side 1: Blessed is the woman (with a man like mine) / When you really love somebody / Said I wasn't gonna give you no more love / I need somebody to love me / Givin' Up
Side 2: Long on lovin' / Midnight rendezvous / (I'll be right here) Loving you / A mighty good feeling

For The Real Feeling - US Stax/Fantasy STX-4126 1979. (CD reissue Ace CDSXD 082)
Side 1: When, where, and what time / Crowding in on my mind / After a night like this / Dirty feelin'
Side 2: Hang on Louie / Eyes can't see / Move me - move me / Love starved

Intimate Storm - US Sound Town ST-8008 1984.
Side 1: Boyfriend / I don't play that / Looking for the real thing / This Love
Side 2: I'm up to no good / Love fever / This use to be your house / Leave the bridges standing

Fire & Ice - US Malaco MAL 7451 1989
Side 1: What 'cha gonna do when the money runs out / Ain't nothing like the lovin' we got (with Bobby Womack) / Tell me something good / Silent treatment / King size love
Side 2: If this is goodbye / Take me to your heart / Sowed to the wind / I wonder where the love has gone / Anticipation

Timeless - US Malaco MAL 7459 1991.
Side 1: Still in love / Let's make love tonight / I had a talk with my man / Three way love affair / Lovin' too soon
Side 2: Share your love / If I didn''t love you / I feel your love changing / Time

Joy & Pain - US Malaco MAL 7467 1993.
Side 1: Joy and pain / Hearts are made to be loved / Take it like a woman / It's a pleasure easing your pain / You're gonna make me cry
Side 2: A two-way thang / 'Bout to make me leave home / You know what you're gettin' at home / It don't hurt like it used to / Long on lovin'

Diva Of Soul - US Malaco (CD) MCD 7476 1995.
You ain't got to hide your man / If you're weak enough / Good loving man / One more time / You ain't woman enough to take my man / Put your money where your mouth is / Talk to me / Sprung on his love / Better you go your way / Leftover love

The Soul Of A Woman - US Malaco (CD) MCD 7486 1997.
Why you want to love me like that / You're never gonna find another love like mine / Don't go lookin' for my man / The power of a woman / Who is Betty? / Female player / The last time I cry (over a man) / You left a good woman for a good time / I caught you with your pants down / He looked beyond my faults

There is also a compilation CD on Malaco called Three Way Love Affair which is made up of tracks from the first 3 Malaco albums as follows:
Silent Treatment / Three Way Love Affair / Let's Make Love Tonight / It Don't Hurt Like It Used To / Joy & Pain / Sprung On His Love / Tell Me Something Good / A Two-Way Thang / If I Didn't Love You / Lovin' Too Soon.

Also previously unreleased tracks from the Excello/A-Bet vaults on:
Uptown Down South - UK Kent (CD) CDKEND 121 1995 - Even if the signs are wrong.
The Heart Of Southern Soul - UK Ace (CD) CDCHD 568 1994 - You'll never ever know.

Truth 4206 Re-Issued As Stax 4135 In 1977
"Shirley Brown" On Arista 4129 (Us)
2 Cd Set (Italy)(Live In Porretta, July 1995)
(Various artists) SSM 005/6 The Best Of Porretta Soul Festival 1994-1995
By S
B: Respect/This Used To Be Your House/Woman To Woman

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Woman To Woman Lyrics

Can I speak to Barbara.
Barbara this is Shirley.
You might not know who I am,
But the reason I am calling you is because
I was going through my old man's pockets this morning
And I just happen to find your name and number
So Woman To Woman
I dont think it's being anymore than fair to call you
And let you know where I'm coming from,
Now Barbara, I dont know how you're gonna take this
but whether you be cool or come out of a bag on me
You see it does'nt really make any difference
but it's only fair that I let you know
that the man you're in love with he's mine
from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet
the bed he sleeps in and every piece of food he eats
you see I make it possible
The clothes on his back ha ha
I buy them
The car he drives
I pay the note every month
So I'm telling you these things to let you know how much I love this man and
Woman to woman and I'll think you'll understand how much I'll do to keep him.

Woman to Woman
If you've ever been in love
Then you know
How I feel
And Woman to woman
Now, if you were in my shoes
Would'nt you have done the same thing too,
Oh oh oh Woman to woman
Cant you see where I'm coming from
Woman to woman
Ain't that the same thing you would've done
Woman to woman
Now should I just step aside
And let her take what's rightfully mine
Oh oh oh woman to woman
Was I right or was I wrong
I ain't gonna let you break up my happy home
Now Woman to woman
I dont want no trouble now
I hope you understand
I love that man
And he's mine
I'm talking to you
Woman to woman
You should be woman enough to understand
That man I love that man
Woman, woman, woman to woman
He's mine
and I aint gonna give him up
my baby I ain't lying