Rufus Thomas



RUFUS THOMAS was given unto this world on March 26th. (or 27th. depending on who you talk to) 1917 in the tiny hamlet of Cayce. Mississippi, a stone's throw from the Tennessee state line. He was the baby of five children born to Rufus Thomas. Sr. (Yes, Rufus was a Junior). His remarkable sense of humor was picked up from all the members of his family. Sisters Elizabeth, Willie, Eva and Dorothy were all natural comics but big brother Morris was the clown prince of all the siblings and influenced his little brother more than he (Rufus) probably realized.

The family packed up and moved to Memphis when Rufus was about 2 years old. His childhood was filled with all the normal thoughts of small boys...with one exception. He wanted to be a tap dancer in the Negro (the newly adopted descriptive term of the times) minstrel shows. By the time he entered Booker T. Washington High School, the desire had crystallized. He became actively involved in the school's annual Ballet, a theatrical production and was performing in his first minstrel show. the "Brown Brevities". as a tenth grader. Incredibly, he performed with burnt cork on his face in emulation of the white caricature until, as he said with dry understatement, "I looked in the mirror one day and discovered I was black!" Minstrelsy soon gave way to Vaudeville and he became an extraordinarily gifted tap dancer, and by the mid 1930s was working in theaters on Beale Street as a dancer and comic with Nat D. Williams, who, coincidentally, was his high school history teacher. He got his start as a singer when the female singer of the troupe left the show. He was asked to add blues singing to his comedy and dance routine. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

He married his high school sweetheart, Cornelius Lorene Wilson in November, 1940, and they embarked on starting a family soon after. They had a long and happy marriage of nearly 60 years before the death of Lorene in February, 2000.

The American Finishing Company was a textile factory (read sweatshop) with a government contract to supply finished cloth for military uniforms during WWII. This place, where Rufus worked for more than 20 years without missing a single day, provided the backdrop against which the Thomases matured and developed into the strong cohesive family they have become. Along the way, Rufus taught his children, Marvell, Carla. and Vaneese, the unequalled importance of laughter. He understood, perhaps more than anyone, that laughter is a life giving force. and possessing immense healing properties. The whole world benefited greatly from his flawless timing and his innate skill in connecting to all people.

Rufus Thomas, through his dedication to his craft, his uncanny ability to put all people at ease, with his willingness to help other entertainers, especially young people, was one of the major pioneers of American popular music. He has been directly and indirectly responsible for the successful careers of nationally and internationally respected stars such as B.B. King and Bobby "Blue" Bland, who are alumni of the Wednesday night amateur shows that Rufus organized and emceed at the famous Palace Theater on Beale Street. Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and many others have openly acknowledged his influence on their music. Some of these foreign stars have even traveled to Memphis to meet him and pay their respects.

Rufus Thomas gave freely of his time and talents. The awards he has received attest to his unselfish humanitarianism and number literally in the thousands. A few examples are: dozens of keys to cities, plaques commemorating his involvement in community affairs and charity funds raisers, a concert facility in Italy named in his honor, proclamations from a succession of Memphis and Shelby County mayors and governors of Tennessee, accolades from his peers in the entertainment industry. and uncountable numbers of smiles from fans around the world who have left his concerts knowing that they were truly ENTERTAINED!!

Rufus billed himself as "The World's Oldest Teenager." It's easy to see why. His love for and constant contact with young people in and out of the entertainment industry contributed immeasurably to his youthful persona. His mind boggling energy level was a never ending source of wonder to everyone who knew him.

RUFUS THOMAS is a shining example of what makes Memphis special to people all over the world. No one is more responsible for the music that visitors and Memphians alike come to Beale Street to experience. Rufus Thomas IS Beale Street...and Beale Street IS Memphis. His personal charisma and his great influence on music and its performers continues to spread the message of Memphis to the far comers of the globe. He should be unquestionably recognized as the valuable and irreplaceable asset to Memphis that he is. Everyone who loves Memphis loves RUFUS THOMAS.

Marvell Thomas

Rufus Thomas was the first to record a hit at the Mc Lemore studio in 1960. He was also the last one to record in that late temple of soul music in 1975. Born back in 1917 in Casey, Mississippi, he recorded for Star Talent, Meteor, Chess and Sun before joining Stax from its very beginning to the end, along with his daughter Carla and his son Marvell. He died on December 15th, 2001.

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Satellite 102 : Cause I Love You / Deep Down Inside (Rufus & Carla)
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