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Wayne L. Jackson has been the talented trumpetist in the Mar-Keys, then the Memphis Horns since the very beginning of Stax. He played on all of Otis Redding's Stax recordings and most "blue" Stax 45s and LPs. He was and still is a part in hundreds of gold records, usually along with saxophonist Andrew Love.

What is your first memory of Stax?

It was before 'Stax'. It was only 'Satellite Record Shop!'. We [the Mar-Keys] were there to help with bringing equipement in the place and stacking chairs, etc., in other words being the labor force for Chips [Moman] and Jim Stewart. That is my first memory of the old Capitol Theater building on McLemore street.

What did you do in life before working or recording at Stax?

I was a high school student and had married at 16... I was in the high school band where I did very well... and when my wife got pregnant, the band director, Mr. Phil Vance, got me a job playing trumpet at the Rodeo... It paid 35$ a day and the 10 days covered the cost of Carla, my daughter, arrival into the world.

When did you first begin working at Stax?

Shortly after the 'moving in' experience, we recorded "Last Night" and were off to the races "so to speak".

Who is your favourite male Stax singer? (except Otis!)

I think I like Johnnie Taylor best. He was a true blues singer, but its SO hard to pick between him and  Albert King (and Wilson [Pickett]).

Who is your favourite female Stax singer?

Without doubt, Carla Thomas. I always loved her personnally and named my daughter after her. She's like family to me.

Who is your favourite Stax musician?

Well, I think Floyd Newman [baritone sax at Stax in the early years, he is the one who says "Ooh last night"]... He was a teacher to me and the funniest man I ever met. He has the warmest baritone ever.

Who is (are) your favourite Stax writer(s)/composer(s)?

David Porter and Isaac Hayes, beyond doubt.

What is your most vivid or emotional memory about the Stax company overall?

All of a sudden, I was in my dream and I loved and lived every second of it, because of Estelle [Axton] and Jim [Stewart] and Steve Cropper... my close friend.

What is your most vivid or emotional memory about a recording session or an artist at Stax.

When will Otis be back, when will Otis be back?!!  All his recording sessions were electrifying... bar none.

What is your favourite Stax track that you were involved in?

Hard to say... "Crosscut Saw" maybe... or "Born Under A Bad Sign" [both with Albert King] or "Soul Man" [with Sam & Dave]... Who knows?

What is your favourite Stax track by another artist?

I have no answer to that. I loved them ALL.

What is your favourite Stax LP?

I think the "King And Queen" [Otis Redding & Carla Thomas], but I'm not sure... I loved them ALL.

What is your favourite Stax 45?

"Last Night" by the Mar-Keys, hands down.

What is your own favourite solo?

I like the intro to "Try A Little Tenderness" [by Otis Redding] over all... with the exception of "Hold on I'm Coming", but it's unfair to ask a question like that... how could I choose?

What is your best anecdote or joke about Stax ?

It was not funny. We  were very serious young men. However we were YOUNG and having lots of  fun all the time.... doing THAT for a living!!

What is your last memory about Stax in general before it closed.

Confusion... guns... threats for no reason... anarchy... fear.

If you could go back and begin at Stax again, what would you do differently?

Nothing... maybe be more serious and learn more from the wonderful older guys around.

What would you advise the company to do differently?

Not hire losers.

Do you maintain friendships from your Stax days?

Yes, of course... Steve Cropper and Duck [Dunn]... Andrew Love and Floyd Newman... others too.

If so, who do you stay in touch with regularly?

Andrew and Floyd... I love them both... and I've loved lots of others... among them Deanie Parker [Stax first secretary, then Director of Publicity], God bless her.