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Stax Records Memphis Soul Music Rhythm & Blues Otis Redding Eddie Floyd Booker T. & The MG's

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(18 march 1999)


You can now listen live from anywhere in the world to WDIA, the major black station in the south of the USA through the Internet at . Stax star Rufus Thomas has his regular broadcast here since 1954!


(8 march 1999)

There is speculation that Gee Whiz was cut at Stax & Hi and that the Hi version was the one that was actually released. This is incorrect information. The fact that the song was cut at Stax and Hi is correct except the Hi version was not good enough to release. Last May, Jim Stewart and Carla Thomas were both at High Stacks Studios. They were reminiscing about the day that Gee Whiz was cut. Everything went wrong that day that could possibly go wrong. Carla was late - she woke up that morning with no voice! Several of the musicians didn't show and Jim had to go to each of their homes and wake them up! All the while he had strings at the studio waiting happily. They got paid scale whether they played or not! Jim finally got every one together and it worked out beautifully.

Cherrie Holden


(6 march 1999)

From Cherrie Holden in Memphis with my warmest thanks for providing us all those exciting news:
"We have so much going on @ High Stacks right now.  We recently received 27 masters plus a live show on Rufus.  He recorded these about 8 years ago at Sun but they never really did anything with them.  There was a compilation released several years back by Sun called Sun Studio Revue with a couple of Rufus cuts. They will be a bit different under the mastery of Bobby Manuel though.  Then we have the Barkays in the studio beginning next week to cut a new CD. We're also beginning on Jackie's second CD and in the completion stages for volume 2 of 926 East McLemore.  The Temprees will be in soon and hopefully we can get a couple of new cuts from Tommy Tate when he comes up.  We will release a CD on him soon. It's pretty much going to include the P-Vine material.  Tommy has just finished a new one with his partner Rich Kuebler.  I have heard some of it on the phone, but it's too soon for me to tell you anything about the quality yet.  Sounds promising though.  They will be bringing a copy up when they come to Memphis for our meeting."


(28 february 1999)

Southernsoul is a great mailing list exclusively devoted to real soul music with a growing number of well known musicians, singers, studio owners and producers from the golden era of soul music (Fame, American Studios and so on) who did the Memphis and the Muscleshoals sounds. To subscribe, go to To connect yourself to the blooming web site of the same name, go to


(28 february 1999)

From Cherrie Holden at High Stacks Records, Memphis: Bobby Manuel just finished mixing the first song of our next project. This one will blow you away.  We will soon have out the hottest collection of Rufus Thomas songs that has ever existed.  We are putting out tunes he cut at Sun studio about 8 or 10 years ago.  The first mix I heard was 'Rocket 88'. It is sssssmokin' When I hear it,  I think even I could swing dance. Yes sir, about like I think I can sing when I'm listening to Aretha.  We will follow this with a new Barkays CD. Then 926 East McLemore volume 2 and more neat stuff. Tommy Tate will be out from hospital soon. More previously unreleased stuff to come.
A High Stacks World Tour is on the way to promote the 926 East McLemore project. The Emotions would join it and will eventually record for High Stacks in the future.
The Mad Lads are still writing for their next record. The next 926 East McLemore CD will probably be out this summer and include Bar-Kays, Mad Lads, Rufus Thomas and Temprees tracks too. The Bar-Kays will begin recording in the next couple of weeks.


(4 february 1999)

The Bar-Kays are due to make a new record for High Stacks next march.


(8 january 1999)

Ron from Chattanooga, Tn, sent me a very interesting message:

"One of my good friends sang with the Del Rios for a year or so in '59-60.  Phineas recruited him during their first tour to take the place of one of the members who had to marry his pregnant girfriend!  Prentiss Anderson later sang and recorded as "Lee and the Leopards" for Gordy, Fortune, and KZ records.  Prentiss's older brother was the late Lee Rogers.  (It's a long but interesting story how Prentiss - from Toledo -got to Memphis.)

One record that you might be interested in from that period is Do-Ra-Me 1401, "Oh What A Feeling" b/w "You Know Darling" by Jimmy Hurt and the Del Rios.  Prentiss sang on this along with William Bell. I don't know where it was recorded - either Memphis or Nashville. Prentiss also claims that it was the Del Rios that sang the backup on Carla's "Gee Whiz", not the Velvetones.

Prentiss has some great stories about those days in Memphis with William Bell.  I've taped a couple of hours of Prentiss talking about those times and his days with the early Motown folks."

My opinion that both versions about Gee Whiz could be true as Rob Bowman relates in his wonderful book that the track was recorded two times, one at Stax and one at Hi, the latter being the one finally issued.


(3 january 1999)

I went to the High Stacks Records Christmas party on Monday Dec 28 with my brother.  It was at the studio and we really enjoyed meeting Cherrie Holden and seeing Bobby Manuel, Rufus Thomas, Jabo and The Temprees, some of the Mad lads, J. Blackfoot and many others.
Ronnie Williams, studio keyboard musician, and Rufus sang some Xmas Carols, ad-libbing and making up the words, had us laughing awhile.


25 december 1998)

Two messages from Jim Markel:
I'm working with Infi Records on the new Mack Rice record.  I heard that you recently emailed the company. I wanted to tell you about a couple of website that you might want to add to your links.  The first one is Zane Records.  Zane has released records by both Delaney Bramlett and Eddie Hinton.  Eddie, of course was responsible for all of the  tremendous lead guitar work on the Staple Singers' Muscle Shoals recordings.  Peter Thompson, Zane's owner, is on the southernsoul mailing list. Here's the URL: . Also, this is a URL for Delaney's personal page: . I hope that you can continue to spread the word. 

In the meantime perhaps you would be so kind as to post the Infi Records email address on your site.  Scott Albertson, Infi's president, can be reached at  By posting the email address along with some mention of the new Mack record, you can help us get a list of people interested in Mack and his music.

Another message about Sir Mack Rice from John G. Rockwood:
Sir Mack Rice has his own album on Blue-Suit Records, backed by the Dynatones. He is also featured on the Blue-Suit 10th anniversary album, doing a live version of Cadillac Assembly Line with Maurice John Vaughan. Check out Blue-Suit records' web site at .


(19 december 1998)

Alabama's Muscleshoals famous studios where Wilson Pickett's and Aretha Franklin's biggest hits, among others, were recorded there. They were also used by Otis Redding for some of his own record productions under the Jotis label, instead of the Stax studio. He recorded himself You Left The Water Running and Arthur Conley's Sweet Soul Music there.
Thanks to Rick Hall's son Rodney Hall, you can now visit the studios virtually and learn everything about them. You can even load sounds and movies. The URL is : .


(13 december1998)

Cherrie Holden talked to Tommy Tate today:
He is working on some new music down in Jackson, MS. She hopes to get the chance to work with him soon. Rufus Thomas is in the hospital right now. They're checking out his heart. So far, all tests show its working well. He has been feeling very tired lately so they are giving him the once over. He hopes to be out Monday.


(12 december 1998)

Good news from Cherrie Holden:
Luther received a kidney!  He is doing well and the kidney is functioning. High Stacks Records are still planning a benefit to help with expenses. According to Daisy Farmer, Luther's sister, they were put on standby early Tuesday and then called to the hospital shortly after that.  The transplant was completed Tuesday afternoon and Luther was out of intensive care by Wed. morning.  This is a real blessing for him, his family, friends, and his fans, all of whom have been praying faithfully for his health.  I will forward news on his progress as updates are provided to me.


(22 november 1998)

From Cherrie Holden:
The Memphis scene is alive and well! We hosted the release party for 926 East McLemore last night at B.B. King's here is Memphis. What a night! The Barkay's kicked it off with a beautiful tribute to Otis
Redding that had the standing-room-only crowd singing every word. Rufus Thomas then sang Happy Birthday to the eight members of the Stax artists there who had birthdays in November. We brought out a HUGE cake decorated with a guitar & a very realistic chocolate 45rpm that was entitled '926 East McLemore' (my 9-year-old was first in line for that & tried to eat the whole thing last night!). Then came the jam. Bobby Manuel, Ronnie Williams, Marvell Thomas, Ben Cauley, Reid McCoy, James Mitchell, Joe Arnold, (non Stax artists-John Williams, Dave Smith and Greg Lundy on drums) Steve Potts was held up in New York while filming Rosie O'Donnell's show with Wynonna. Ben Cauley, Mack Rice, The
Temprees, The Madlads, J. Blackfoot all performed & then all came together for the finale, 'Love & Happiness' that brought the house down! It was a beautiful night. An Historic night. Filled with fun, memories, joy, and love. They are back y'all.

Bobby Manuel and I spent the day glowing about the terrific turnout at the party. We had many calls from those who attended and from the artists themselves. We announced our plans for a world tour last
night which received applause from the audience. Mack Rice & Mickey Gregory spent the wee hours with David Porter after the show. He paid us the highest compliment by declaring this lineup as first class world tour material after seeing them last night. We have much to do to get that going so any suggestions from the subscribers is most welcome.
So far BET and the House of Blues clubs have agreed to work with us on the US side. Now that the CD is out, we can focus a little more on that.
Out current plans call for Volume 2 of 926 East McLemore to be released early next year followed by full CDs on the Madlads & the Temprees. We will also issue a tribute to Otis Redding next year.
Last night's even was by invitation only. We had a surprise visit by some very interesting Stax fans who I gladly admitted without invitations: Journey heard about the show & came to B.B.s to see if they
could join us. They had a concert here in Memphis and had heard the word. I understand that they were thrilled to have been a part of this historic night as were all of us. I'll keep you posted on new events soon. One that will come soon is a benefit for Luther Ingram that has been approved by him and his family to help with his kidney transplant. We may soon see this fine entertainer back onstage. Please hold him in your prayers.


(7 & 14 november 1998)


To: Radio Stations, Stores, Distributors, and Media
Contact: Cherrie Holden
Phone: 901-320-7070

Fax: 901-458-0440

Memphis, TN

Street date for the release of 926 East McLemore, A Reunion Of Former Stax Artists, has been moved forward to Tuesday, November 17, 1998, due to an unfortunate printing error. Promotional copies have been mailed to radio stations and stores so listening opportunities are beginning and promotional efforts underway. We have received many calls and inquiries regarding this CD that indicate a very high level of interest in this release. Plans are in the works for the High Stacks Reunion World Tour scheduled to kick off next year.

The CD release party is November 19, 1998 at B.B. King's Club at 143 Beale Street in Memphis. The Barkays, The Temprees, and The Madlads will perform. There will also be an all-star jam to include Sir Mack Rice, Ben Cauley, Steve Potts, James Mitchell, Ronnie Williams, Bobby Manuel, J. Blackfoot, Rufus Thomas and more. Due to limited seating, the party is by invitation only. Please contact High Stacks Records for more information.

Joe Arnold is now back in Memphis and we are delighted!  I look forward to meeting him next week. He will be part of our fabulous horn section @ the 926 East McLemore CD release party @ BB King's on Beale Street.  He will perform with Ben Cauley and James Mitchell. ==> 


More info on live party music soon.  Right now we have the Barkays, the Madlads, the Temprees, Mack Rice, Bobby Manuel, Ronnie Williams, Steve Potts, J Blackfoot & Norman West: Soul Children all confirmed. More as schedules come in.  Rob Bowman will be there courtesy of Northwest Airlines.


(7 november 1998)

From Bernie Hayes:
I received a message from Bernie Hayes, a former disc jockey in St. Louis and Volt artist (Volt singles 4032 and 4047), producer and manager of Albert King. He is still well and alive and living in Florissant, Missouri.

He spoke with Luther Ingram (numerous Ko-Ko singles and LPs) a few days ago : sad news about Luther who is ill, needing a kidney transplant and lost his left eye. Bernie was going to visit him at his home the next day and he will send us more news and photos soon.
Thanks Bernie.



News Release
To All members of the Media, Distributors, & Fans
Contact Cherrie Holden, High Stacks Records
Phone 901-320-7070
Date 10/5/1998
Subject 926 East McLemore
A Reunion of Former Stax Artists

High Stacks Records proudly announces the upcoming release of 926 East McLemore, a reunion of former Stax artists. Street date has been set for November 3, 1998. Two years in the making, the hottest CD of the year is finally ready for release! 926 East McLemore is proof that the very music that made Memphis the music mecca it is today is still setting the standard for musicians and entertainers everywhere. All new material by your favorite Stax recording artists has been compiled into this first volume of what is sure to be THE CD for every Blues, Soul, and R&B fan. Developed by a lifelong member of the Stax family, Bobby Manuel, this compilation offers the opportunity for Memphis' finest musicians to once again remind us of why they are the BEST! 926 East McLemore features the Funky Chicken himself, Rufus Thomas; The Bar-Kays ("Soul Finger"); J. Blackfoot (Soul Children); the late Ollie Nightingale (Ollie & the Nightingales); Sir Mack Rice ("Mustang Sally"); The Madlads ("Don't Have To Shop Around") The Temprees ("Dedicated To The One I Love"); the Stax Rhythm Section (Bobby Manuel, Ronnie Williams, Steve Potts, and John Williams); the incredible Rance Allen (The Rance Allen Group); a never before released cut by Luther Ingram; and the fabulous Ben Cauley (Bar-Kays). Cover art for this CD is being developed by Ronnie Stoots, photography by Fred Toma, and liner notes from Deanie Parker and Rob Bowman.

For more information or to schedule artist interviews please call High Stacks Records.

Cherrie Holden
485 N Hollywood

Memphis, TN 38112
Fax 901-458-0440



Another message from Cherrie in Memphis:
Hello Patrick,
I hope things are well with you.  I thought you might be curious as to the status of the upcoming release of 926 East McLemore.  Things are progressing closer to schedule than I really expected. Rufus Thomas completed his cut for volume 1 on Wednesday. This is undoubtedly the best song he ever sang.  If this song doesn't get you up to dance, you're deaf or dead. It's working title is "Hey, Rufus!  There is a touch of New Orleans in this party song. It's big with lots of horns and a beat that is contagious.  Rufus is backed by four of the best vocalists in the business, Larry Dodson, Jackie Johnson, Jackie Reddick, and Gary Johns. The horn solo by Jim Spake is awesome! BTW, it offers a new dance by the King of the Funky Chicken.........This one will be on every juke box & play list in our country and I expect it will be well received there too. It was truly an honor to watch him complete this cut he began prior to his heart surgery.  Saturday was another historical day in the studio as Rance Allen came to town,  Wow is the only word that comes to mind.  It don't get no better than this.  He sang a new song entitled "Frontline" and let me tell you, he is one powerful singer.  His singing is so incredibly inspired that we were all moved with emotion....tears were flowing and hands were raised.  We knew this was a hit song based on the writer's demo, but we had no idea that Rance could exceed our expectations like he did.  As Rufus would say "He kilt it!"  I hope you will consider adding him to your Focus page.  The Memphis Horns are due in this week and then we master & manufacture then hit the street on November 3.  Stay tuned!

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