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Jeanne & The Darlings were a group of Arkansas-based, gospel-raised singers which included sisters Jeanne and Dee Dolphus, Jeanne’s daughter Paula, and family friend Phefe Harris. In addition to their service as background studio singers at Stax, they released six great 45s of their own on Volt in the late 1960s.



April 2011

Jeanne (in the middle) and her daughters today:
from left to right JoHaan, Stephanie, Jeanne, Regina, and Core.

From recent Regina, one of Jeanne Darling's daughters' emails: Mother has stayed musically active and handed the baton to her daughters, Sisters Cotton to continue the STAX Jeanne & the Darlings/Southern Quartet sound. We'd love to get feedback from such music enthusiats. She tells hello and that she'd love getting personal feedback on her new CD and that of her Girls as well, along with Stephanie, sister #3 and KoCo Entertainment's Sales and Marketing Director.

My name is Regina and I'm one of Jeanne Darling's offspring.  She was blessed with five daughters and she and her sisters led us through their tutelage to the stage and song. 

Dee, now Dr Dee Bennett is retired and still resides in Little Rock. PhePhe, made her heavenly transition several years ago.
Paula, our oldest sister, is a mental health professional running multi-million dollar programs for prison and battered women organizations across New York.  She lives with her family (four children) in New Jersey and serves as Director of Music for the prominent congregation of her local church.  
She occasionally joins Sisters Cotton on stage for performances and always participates in family celebrations which are always events/opportunities for all of us to sing together.

Mother has a CD of love songs that she released last fall bringing back some of the great tracks she wrote and sung during the Jeanne & the Darlings days.  For this remake you'll hear that signature undeniably Jeanne Darling voice and great STAX/Southern Quartet background and support vocals brought by her Girls who replicate every facet of the beauty in her voice.  Check it out, "Dr. M. Jeanne Dolphus Cotton Singing About Love" at (click to listen an excerpt). 

Though not having done much recording during the last few decades, mother has never stopped singing and was able to stay connected with the "business" and continue to live that dream through her daughters, especially Paula (the oldest) and Core' (the youngest) both living the on performer dream on the road themselves at different times in their lives.  Core' sang with Sounds of Blackness through the nineties and writes, produces, and performs music and theater on stage and screen with the Sounds, solo, and with her sisters, Sisters Cotton. 

She and I formed a partnership and established an entertainment company, KoCo Entertainment, Inc. and have recently completed two of a three CD trilogy in the Timeless Series.  The first CD was Core' Timeless Volume One Romance and the second CD released this past December is titled Sisters Cotton Serenity:Timeless, Volume Two.  I employ you to give us a listen and guarantee you you'll love the music so much you'll want to play the music over and over and share with everyone you know and love.  You'll find everything you love about Jeanne & the Darlings and more.  You can sample, download, and/or purchase both Timeless CDs as well as the Singing About Love CD from our site,, mother's CD on her site, or look for us on your favorite download site.  Of course you won't be able to get the full effect of the beauty and message in the liner notes. 

We welcome you pubbing the CDs, performance availability and message on your site, to your American friend, him to his friends and them to theirs, your other friends, family and acquaintances.   Once you get the music, internalize it, and hear and read the message in the music and liner notes.  You miss a true fullfilment opportunity if you don't take the time to understand the message our music provides, which you do by understanding who we are.  There is much to love in the music and definitely something for everyone regardless to their preferred genre. Mother's CD is also available on CD Baby as is Timeless Romance on iTunes and other download sites; Serenity is only available on the KoCo site.  I would love to get your feedback on the project, so leave comments on the site.

Timeless Volume Three Sass is due to release soon and will have more of the same to include the That Man of Mine remake featuring a duet between mother and Core'. 



Volt 151 : How Can You Mistreat The One You Love / That Man Of Mine
Volt 156 : Soul Girl / What's Gonna Happen To Me
Volt 159 : What Will Later On Be Like / Hang Me Down
Volt 4005 : It's Unbelievable (How You Control My Soul) / I Like What You're Doing To Me
Volt 4015 : It's Time To Pay For The Fun (We've Had) / Standing In The Need Of Your Love
Volt 4035 : Singing About Love / Let Them See In Me

Ace CD


Ace 116 (part): Changes (previously unissued).

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