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(June 3rd, 2008)

A new CD with Steve Cropper and Felix Cavaliere, the singer, songwriter and keyboardist of Young Rascals fame is due at the end of July under the title of Nudge It Up a Notch.

The album was recorded in Nashville with tracks such as One of Those Days' (the album's lead track) Love Appetite. Drummer Chester Thompson, a veteran of John Fogerty, Frank Zappa, Genesis and Frank Black, signed on as drummer, and suggested a bass player, his friend Shake Anderson, who was Curtis Mayfield's protégé. There are two backup singers, Mark Williams and N'nandi Bryant. All the songs are originals and Nudge It Up a Notch was mixed by the legendary David Z. It features 12 tracks, including several instrumentals.


(May 30, 2008)

Eddie Floyd's first new album in six years, titled Eddie Loves You So, will mark his return to Stax, including 10 original songs written for fellow soul artists in the '50s and '60s. The new CD is due on July 29.
Eddie Loves You So will include: You're So Fine / Never Get Enough of Your Love / Since You've Been Gone / Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone / I Will Always Have Faith In You / You Don't Know What You Mean To Me / I Don't Want to Be With Nobody But You / Consider Me / Close to You / Head to Toe.


(May13, 2008)

It is known that dozens of tracks by Booker T. & The MG's have never been published and are still lying in the tape vaults, same for many Stax artists as, fortunately, practically all that was recorded over the years have been preserved. Among these unpluished wonders, an LP was so near of being published that a lacker and a test copy had been made and an LP due for publication in 1978 but it finally never made it to the record plant. No cover, but just a paper information sheet, even bearing the catalog number : STX-4104. The list of tracks was as follows : Rock Hard (not released on other LP´s / CD´s) / Soul Kiss (aka National Jackson / Funky Folk Cha Cha ) / Hard Times (not released on other LP´s / CD´s) / Club Handy (Cotton Carnival *) / Club Tropicana (Duck Walk *) / Five Four Ballroom (Steve´s Stroll ) / Club Melunda (Blue On Green ***) / 20 Grand Club (aka Avalon *), Free Ride (aka Union Extended / Consumption **) / Iron Horse Sam (not released on other LP´s / CD´s) / Rivermont Shuffle (aka Around Orange Mound *) / Dancing Dolls (aka Overton Park Sunrise *

(*) from LP "Union Extended" (UK) without Terry Manning's overdubs, (**) Soul Kiss and Free Ride being the same versions as Funky Folk Cha Cha and Consumption finally published a few years ago by Ace on the "Stax Instrumentals" CD, (***) Club Melunda is an alternate take of Blue On Green on the Doin' Our Thing LP/CD.

The great quality of these tracks makes one wonder why the LP never actually saw the light of day.


(April 30, 2008)

Soul Man / Hold On, I'm Comin' / A Place Nobody Can Find / You Don't Know Like I know / I Thank You / You Got Me Hummin' / Soul Sister, Brown Sugar / I Take What I Want / Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody / Wrap It Up / You Don't Know What You Mean To Me / Can't Find You Another Way (Of Doing It) / Rich Kind Of Poverty / I've Seen What Loneliness Can Do / Small Portion Of Your Love / Sweet Home / Soothe Me / This Is Your World / Goodnight Baby / When Something Is Wrong With My Baby.

A new DVD with a lot of unseen documents. According to our expert, here are more details.

SOUL MAN (1967): probably the fall tour in Offenbach Germany, Beat Beat Beat
I TAKE WHAT I WANT (1966): from The Beat TV show color w/Otis Redding
YOU DON'T KNOW LIKE I KNOW (1967): probably Beat Beat Beat, fall 67, Offenbach, Germany
SOOTHE ME (1967): Beat Beat Beat, Germany, Offenbach
ROAD RUNNER (1967): never seen this live-maybe from fall 67, Europe
WHEN SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MY BABY (1969): very exciting prospect to see another live version of this!
HOLD ON! I'M A COMIN' (1967): probably Europe, spring or fall 67, Offenbach
YOU GOT IT MADE (1967): never released, never seen
YOU GOT ME HUMMIN' (1969): likely Sullivan, Europe or Japan tours
I DON'T NEED NOBODY (TO TELL ME ABOUT MY BABY) (1967): never seen this live probably from Europe fall 1967
SOUL SISTER BROWN SUGAR (1969): probably Ed Sullivan never released -live with 14 piece soulman orchestra
LUCKY OL' SUN (1969): probably Sullivan, never released
MAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELF (1970): never seen, never released
BORN AGAIN (1969): Sullivan never released
I THANK YOU (1969): Sullivan, previously released
LUCKY OL' SUN ( w Mike Douglas) (1969): never released, Mike Douglas Show. Should be from 1970
BABY DON'T STOP NOW (1970): Douglas Show live, never released
SOUL MAN (1980): Saturday Night Live, never released
YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL (2007): Sam Moore in Japan

There are some other Sam & Dave videos not present here. The best release is from the 1967 Stax/Volt review live in Norway, which has four songs. Sam & Dave also just released an excellent version of Soul Man from 1974 as part of The Midnight Special series, and Sam & Dave also performed You Don't Know Like I Know on Saturday Night Live in 1980 but it hasn't been released. There is also color footage floating around from the last show at the Hammersmith from the Stax/Volt tour in 1967 of Hold on I'm Coming and Soothe Me. Originally released on Toemi in Japan in the 1970's, and black/white version of You Don't Know Like I Know from the Stax/Volt tour used in the Soul Of Stax french documentary. There is also a complete concert of five songs from the Finland tour in fall 1967, also not released, and another TV show from 1970 with Sam & Dave singing with Burt Bacharach for the Hollywood Palace. Additionally Sam & Dave were on the two Stax/Volt revue live LP's, had a few additional/different live versions of the same songs on the UK and french releases of the same tour, and also had five songs on the famous bootleg LP's from the Texas Pop Festival in 69, featuring the best vocal live ever heard by Sam or Dave on an 11 minute version of "I've Been Loving You Too Long".

If anyone else has or knows of other live Sam & Dave performances on video or audio,
please let us know

(February 22, 2008)

This DVD follows the summer 2007 experience around singer Bobby Johnson's tour and the young people from the CIV Soul Band led by french musician Jean-Francois Jacomino (The CIV Soul Band is something quite similar to the Stax Academy). It was an hommage to Otis Redding, which culminating part was the july 20 concert at the Porretta Soul Festival in Italy with Wayne Jackson and the Memphis Horns (see videos here : and

Here is the article published into the "In The Basement" Soul music english revue: "Once upon a time – and this is not a fairy tale- there was a music teacher (Jean-François Jacomino) passionate by Otis Redding and the Memphis Sound. He was so involved in his passion that he wanted and succeeded to share his passion with his students (age average 17). The place is The International Valbonne Center (CIV), located inland of the French Riviera. With the passing years and schooling, he maintained and handled a fifteen pieces orchestra with an iron hand in a velvet glove.

This determination and this tenacity has been awarded in May 2006 in the city of Bologna ((Italy) by winning The Grand Prize of a competition between European University bands.

After two years punctuated by rehearsals, the night of the first public show titled “Tribute to Otis Redding and to The Memphis Giants” was scheduled.

To conclude and not to be accused of fawning on my friends, I include a text sent by Wayne Jackson from The Mar-Keys :

“I have listened to the fabulous CD of your rehearsal with Bobby Johnson! What a tribute to Otis and the Stax sound! I felt that if Otis were alive he would be so proud of his legacy and the performance you all just gave it! I don’t know where to begin, but let me say that I am thrilled with the attention to detail the horns gave the arrangements! Perfect! And in "Hold on I' m coming" the phrasing is so good, I don’t believe I've ever heard it performed better. Not ever! Your guys even have the 'feeling' of much more seasoned players...soulful! I love the drummer and bass player. So tight together and Cropper will be proud of the guitar. As for have 'got it' together! Sometimes I thought I was listening to Otis. JEFF! You must be so proud you can hardly stand it!!! I can't wait to play those songs with you. You are a perfect fit for the 'soul festival of Porretta!' .

This DVD will be followed in the next months by another about Jean-Francois Jacomino's trip from Memphis to Macon.

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