Eddie Floyd



Eddie "Green Tree" Floyd of "Knock On Wood" fame, was born in Montgomery, Alabama in 1935. He formed the Falcons in the late 50s. He then went solo and recorded from 1961 for Al Bell's Safice label, soon to be distributed by Stax.




Safice 334 : Never Get Enough Of Your Love / Baby Bye
Safice 336 : I'll Be Home For Christmas / Can This Be Christmas
Safice 338 : Make up Your Mind / No, No, No
Stax 187 : Things Get Better / Good Love, Bad Love
Stax 194 : Knock On Wood / Got To Make A Comeback
Stax 208 : Raise Your Hand / I've Just Been Feeling Bad
Stax 219 : Don't Rock The Boat / This House
Stax 223 : Love Is A Doggone Good Thing / Hey Now
Stax 233 : On A Saturday Night / Under My Nose
Stax 246 : Big Bird / Holding On With Both Hands
Stax 0002 : I've Never Found A Girl / I'm Just The Kind Of Fool
Stax 0012 : Bring It On Home To Me / Sweet Things You Do
Stax 0025 : I've Got To Have Your Love / Girl I Love You
Stax 0036 : Don't Tell Your Mama / Consider Me
Stax 0040 : Soul-A-Lujah Pt. I / Pt. II (with W. Bell, C. Thomas & J. Taylor)
Stax 0051 : Why Is The Wine Sweeter? / People Get It Together
Stax 0060 : California Girl / Woodman
Stax 0072 : My Girl / Laurie
Stax 0077 : Best Years Of My Life / My Little Girl
Stax 0087 : When My Baby Said Goodbye / Oh, How It Rained
Stax 0095 : Blood Is Thicker Than Water / Have You Heard The Word
Stax 0109 : Yum Yum yum (I Want Some) / Tears Of Joy
Stax 0134 : You're Good Enough (To Me Baby) / Spend All You Have On Love
Stax 0158 : Lay Your Loving On Me / Knock On Wood (live)
Stax 0171 : Baby Lay Your head Down / Check Me Out
Stax 0188 : I Wanna Do Things For You / We've Been Through Too Much Together
Stax 0209 : Guess Who / Something To Write Home About
Stax 0216 : Soul Street / Highway Man
Stax 0232 : I Got A Reason To Smile / Stealing Love
Stax 0239 : Talk To The Man / I Got A Reason To Smile

Stax Albums

KNOCK ON WOOD - Stax 714 : Knock On Wood ; Something You Got ; But It's Alright ; I Stand Accused ; If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody ; I Don't Want To Cry ; Raise Your Hand ; Got To Make A Comeback ; 634-5789 ; I've Just Been Feeling Bad ; High-Heel Sneakers ; Warm And Tender Love.  (reissued on CD)

I NEVER FOUND A GIRL - Stax 2002 : Shouting Out Love/Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)/I Really Miss You/Ain't No Sunshine/Runnin' Back (And Forth)/Any Way You Look At It/Baby I'm Through/Innocent/Put A Little Love Away.  (reissued on CD)

SOUL EXPLOSION - Stax 2-2007 (part) : I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)/Bring It On Home To Me/It's Wrong To Be Loving You.  (reissued on CD)

RARE STAMPS - Stax 2011 : Knock On Wood/Raise Your Hand/Love Is A Doggone Good Thing/On A Saturday Night/Things Get Better/Bring It On Home//I've Never Found A Girl/Big Bird/Got To Make A Comeback/I've Just Been Feeling Bad/I'm Just The Kind Of Fool/This House.  (reissued on CD)

YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE EDDIE - Stax 2017 : That's All/It's Not Unusual/Can I Change My Mind/Proud Mary/Long Line Rider/Satisfy My Hunger//Seagull/Too Weak To Fight/I Sowed Love (And Reaped A Heartache)/Non-Stop To Midnight/Don't Tell Your Mama/If You're Gonna Do It (Don't Get Caught).  (unreissued on CD)

BOYS MEET GIRLS - Stax 2-2024 (part) : Soul-A- Lujah (Johnnie Taylor, Eddie Floyd, William Bell, Pervis Staples, Carla Thomas, Mavis Staples, Cleotha Staples)/Ain't That Good (Eddie Floyd & Mavis Staples)/Never Never Let You Go (Eddie Floyd & Mavis Staples)/It's Our Time (Eddie Floyd & Carla Thomas)/Piece Of My Heart (Eddie Floyd & Mavis Staples)/Don't Make Me A Storyteller (Eddie Floyd & Carla Thomas)/It's Too Late (Eddie Floyd & Cleotha Staples).  (reissued on CD)

CALIFORNIA GIRL - Stax 2029 : California Girl/Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)/Why Is The Wine Sweeter (On The Other Side)/Rainy Night In Georgia/Love Is You/People Get It Together//Laurie/Hey There Lonely Girl/I Feel Good/Too Much Is Too Little For Me/You Got That Kind Of Love.  (reissued on CD)

DOWN TO EARTH - Stax Stax 2041 : People Get Ready/Linda Sue Dixon/My Mind Was Messed Around At The Time/When The Sun Goes Down//Salvation/I Only Have Eyes For You/Tears Of Joy/Changing Love.  (reissued on CD)

BABY LAY YOUR HEAD DOWN - Stax 3016 : Something To Write Home About/We've Been Through Too Much Together/Whatcha Gonna Do With My Heart/I Wanna Do Thing For You/Baby Lay Your Head Down//The Highwayman/I Hear Footsteps (Coming Closer)/(I Didn't Know What Losing Was) ‘Til I Lost You/Check Me Out/Lay Your Loving On Me.  (reissued on CD)

SOUL STREET - Stax 5512 : Soul Street/I Don't Want To Be With Nobody But My Baby/Stealing Love/I Am So Grateful/Don't You Know That It's All Right//Guess Who/Stop Look What You're Doing To Me/I Am So Glad I Met You/Your Love Is Amazin'/Stick With Me Baby.  (reissued on CD)

VARIOUS : Raise Your Hand ; Knock On Wood -live (french Stax 69005) ; Announcement ; Holding On With Both Hands (Stax A-11) ; If I Had A Hammer ; Knock On Wood -live (Stax 721) ; Raise Your Hand ; Something You Got ; But It's Alright -live (Stax 722) ; I Don't Want To Cry ; Raise Your Hand ; Knock On Wood -live (Ace 044) ; Bark At The Moon (Ace 074) ; Big Bird -alt (Ace 102).