Carla Thomas



Born in 1942 in Memphis as a daughter of Rufus Thomas, Carla Thomas was at Stax from the beginning to the end and gained the surname of "Memphis Queen". After a first hit duet with Rufus (Cause i Love You) in a Satellite studio where the paint was still wet, she was borrowed by Atlantic for several years before joining the actual Stax label.





Satellite 102 : Cause I Love You / Deep Down Inside (Rufus & Carla)
Satellite 104 : Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes) / For You
Atco 6177 : Cause I Love You / Deep Down Inside (Rufus & Carla Thomas)
Atco 6199 : I Didn't Believe / Yeah Yea-Ah (Rufus & Friend)
Atlantic 2086 : Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes) / For You
Atlantic 2101 : A Love Of My Own / Promises
Atlantic 2113 : (Mama, Mama) Wish Me Good Luck / In Your Spare Time (Please Think Of Me)
Atlantic 2132 : I Kinda Think He Does / The Masquerade Is Over
Atlantic 2163 : I'll Bring It Home To You / I Can't Take It
Atlantic 2189 : What A Fool I've Been / The Life I Live
Atlantic 2212 : Gee Whiz, It's Christmas / All I Want For Christmas Is You
Atlantic 2238 : I've Got No Time To Lose / A Boy Named Tom
Atlantic 2258 : A Woman's Love / Don't Let The Love Light Leave
Atlantic 2272 : How Do You Quit (Someone You Love) / The Puppet
Stax 151 : That's Really Some Good / Night Time Is The Right Time (Rufus & Carla)
Stax 172 : Stop! Look What You're Doing / Every Ounce Of Strength
Stax 176 : When You Move You Lose / We're Tight (Rufus & Carla)
Stax 183 : Comfort Me / I'm For You
Stax 184 : Birds And Bees / Never Let You Go (Rufus & Carla)
Stax 188 : Let Me Be Good To You / Another Night Without My Man
Stax 195 : B-A-B-Y / What Have You Got To Offer Me
Stax 206 : All I Have For Christmas Is You / Winter Snow
Stax 207 : Something Good (Is Gonna Happen To You) / It's Starting To Grow
Stax 214 : When Tomorrow Comes / Unchanging Love
Stax 216 : Tramp / Tell It Like It Is (with Otis Redding)
Stax 222 : I'll Always Have Faith In You / Stop Thief
Stax 228 : Knock On Wood / Let Me Be Good To You (with Otis Redding)
Stax 239 : Pick Up The Pieces / Separation
Stax 251 : A Dime A Dozen / I Want You Back
Stax 0011 : Where Do I Go / I've Fallen In Love
Stax 0024 : I Like What You Are Doing to Me / Strung Out
Stax 0040 : Soul-A-Lujah Pt. I / Pt. II (with E. Floyd, W. Bell & J. Taylor)
Stax 0042 : Just Keep On Loving Me / My Life (with J. Taylor)
Stax 0044 : I Need You Woman / I Can't Stop
Stax 0056 : Some Other Man / Guide Me Well
Stax 0061 : Live In The City / The Time For Love Is Anytime
Stax 0080 : I Loved You Like I Love My Very Life / Hi De Do
Stax 0113 : You've Got A Cushion To Fall On / ?
Stax 0133 : Sugar / You've Got A Cushion To Fall On
Stax 0149 : I May Not Be All You Want (But I'm All You Got) / Sugar
Stax 0173 : Love Among the People / I Have A God Who Loves


GEE WHIZ - Atlantic 8054 : Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes) ; Dance With Me ; A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening ; Your Love ; Fools Fall In Love ; To The Aisle / The Masquerade Is Over ; A Love Of My Own ; Promises ; It Ain't Me ; For You ; The Love We Shared.  (reissued on CD)

WALKING THE DOG - Stax 704 (part) : Cause I Love You (with Rufus Thomas).  (reissued on CD)

COMFORT ME - Stax 706 : Comfort Me ; No Time To Lose ; Yes, I'm Ready ; Lover's Concerto ; I'm For You ; What The World Needs Now / Let It Be Me ; A Woman's Love ; Will You Love Me Tomorrow ; Forever ; Move On Drifter ; Another Night Without My Man.  (reissued on CD)

CARLA - Stax 709 : B-A-B-Y ; Red Rooster ; Let Me Be Good To You ; I Got You, Boy ; Medley (Baby, What you Want Me To Do ; For Your Love) / What I've You Got To Offer Me ; I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ; I Fall To Pieces ; You Don't Have To Say You Love Me ; Fate ; Looking Back.  (reissued on CD)

KING & QUEEN - Stax 716 (with Otis Redding) : Knock On Wood ; Let Me Be Good To You ; Tramp ; Tell It Like It Is ; When Something Is Wrong With My Baby / Lovey Dovey ; New Year's Resolution ; It takes Two ; Are You Lonely For Me Baby ; Bring It On Home To Me ; Ooh Carla, Ooh Otis.  (reissued on CD)

THE QUEEN ALONE - Stax 718 : Any Day Now ; Stop Thief ; I Take It To My Baby ; I Want To Be Your Baby ; Something Good (Is Going To Happen To You) ; When Tomorrow Comes ; I'll Always Have Faith In You ; All I See Is You ; Unchanging Love ; Give Me Enough (To Keep Me Going) ; Lie To Keep Me From Crying.  (reissued on CD with 5 previously unissued tracks: Me and My Clock / Same Thing / Your Love Indeed (alternate take) / I Want To Know (take 2) / I Wonder About Love.

THE STAX / VOLT REVUE VOLUME ONE LIVE IN LONDON - Stax 721 (part) : Yesterday ; B-A-B-Y.  (reissued on CD)

THE STAX / VOLT REVUE VOLUME TWO LIVE IN PARIS - Stax 722 (part) : Let Me Be Good To You ; Gee Whiz.  (reissued on CD)

STAY AT SCHOOL -Stax A-11 (part) : Announcement 1 ; Announcement 2 ; I Want To Be Your Baby.  (reissued on CD)

RHYTHM AND BLUES SHOW AT THE OLYMPIA - French Stax 69005 (part) : Got My Mojo Working.
(no CD re-issue)

SOUL EXPLOSION - Stax 2-2007 (part) : Where Do I Go/Book Of Love (Carla Thomas).  (reissued on CD)

MEMPHIS QUEEN - Stax 2019 : I Like What You're Doing To Me/I Play For Keeps/Don't Say No More/More Man Than I Ever Had/I've Fallen In Love With You/He's Beating Your Time//Unyielding/Strung Out/How Can You Throw My Love Away/Guide Me Well/Precious Memories/Where Do I.  (reissued on CD)

BOYS MEET GIRLS - Stax 2-2024 (part) : Soul-A- Lujah (Johnnie Taylor, Eddie Floyd, William Bell, Pervis Staples, Carla Thomas, Mavis Staples, Cleotha Staples)/Just Keep On Loving Me (Johnnie Taylor & Carla Thomas)/I Can't Stop (William Bell & Carla Thomas)/I Need You Woman (William Bell & Carla Thomas)/It's Our Time (Eddie Floyd & Carla Thomas)/It's Unbelievable (How You Control My Soul) (Pervis Staples & Carla Thomas)/I'm Trying (Pervis Staples & Carla Thomas)/Don't Make Me A Storyteller (Eddie Floyd & Carla Thomas)/My Life (Johnnie Taylor & Carla Thomas)/I've Just Been Feeling Bad (Johnnie Taylor & Carla Thomas)/All I Have To Do Is Dream (William Bell & Carla Thomas).  (reissued on CD)

LOVE MEANS - Stax 2044: Didn't We/Are You Sure?/What Is Love?/Daughter You're Still Your Daddy's Child//Love Means You Never Have To Say You're Sorry/You've Got A Cushion To Fall On/Il Est Plus Doux Que/Cherish/I Wake Up Wanting You.  (reissued on CD)

HIDDEN GEMS - ACE CD 039 : I'll Never Stop Loving You ; I Wonder About Love ; Little Boy ; Loneliness ; (Your Love Is A) Lifesaver ; Sweet Sensation ; You'll Lose A Good Thing ; I've Made Up My Mind ; My Man Believes In Me ; I Like It ; Run Around ; Good Good Lovin' ; That Beat Keeps Disturbing My Sleep ; If It's Not Asking Too Much ; It Ain't No Easy Thing ; Toe Hold ; Good Man ; I Can't Hide It ; Thump In My Heart ; Goodbye My Love.

ACE VARIOUS - Ace 038 (with Rufus Thomas) : We're Gonna Make It ; Don't Mess Up A Good Thing ; Reconsider Baby. Ace 040 : Every Ounce Of Strength (live). Ace 042 : Don't Mess Up A Good Thing (Rufus & Carla). Ace 044 : Let Me Be Good To You ; Yesterday ; Something Good (Is Going To Happen To You) ; B-A-B-Y (live). Ace 088 : Same Thing ; Here It Comes Again ; I Can't Stay ; Ain't Enough Hours In The Day ; Gosh I'm Lucky ; Do Boys Keep Diaries.


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