William Bell



William Bell was born in Memphis in 1939. After a first record for Meteor as a member of The Del-Rios, he recorded his first hit, "You Don't Miss Your Water" in 1961. Although he had a number of hits, before and after the "blue Stax" era, he remains an underrated performer in the Stax stable. He was very close to Otis Redding and can be heard as a background singer on various Redding records.




Stax 116 : You Don't Miss Your Water / Formula Of Love
Stax 125 : Just Across The Street / There's A Love (The Del-Rios)
Stax 128 : Any Other Way / Please Help Me, I'm Falling
Stax 132 : I Told You So / What'cha Gonna Do
Stax 135 : Just As I Thought / I'm Waiting On You
Stax 138 : Somebody Mentioned Your Name / What Can I Do To Forget
Stax 141 : I'll Show You / Monkeying Around
Stax 146 : Who Will It Be Tomorrow / Don't Make Something Out Of Nothing
Stax 174 : Crying All By Myself / Don't Stop Now
Stax 191 : Share What You Got (But Keep What you Need) / Marching Off To War
Stax 199 : Never Like This Before / Soldier's Goodbye
Stax 212 : Everybody Loves A Winner / (You're Such A) Sweet Thang
Stax 227 : Eloise (Hang On In There) / One Plus One
Stax 237 : Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday / Ain't Got No Girl
Stax 248 : A Tribute To A King / Every Man Oughta Have A Woman
Stax 0005 : Private Number / Love-Eye-Tis (with Judy Clay)
Stax 0015 : I Forgot To Be Your Lover / Bring The Curtain Down
Stax 0017 : My Baby Specialises / Left Over Love (With Judy Clay)
Stax 0032 : All God's Children Got Soul / My Whole World Is Falling Down
Stax 0040 : Soul-A-Lujah Pt. I / Pt. II (with E. Floyd, C. Thomas and J. Taylor)
Stax 0043 : Love's Sweet Sensation / Strung Out (with Mavis Staples)
Stax 0044 : I Need You Woman / I Can't Stop (with C. Thomas)
Stax 0054 : Born Under A Bad Sign / A Smile Can't Hide
Stax 0067 : Leave The Girl Alone / All I Have To Do Is Dream (with M. Staples / with C. Thomas)
Stax 0070 : Lonely Soldier / Let Me Ride
Stax 0092 : A Penny For Your Thoughts / Till My Back Ain't Got No Bone
Stax 0106 : All The Love Of A Woman / I'll Be Home
Stax 0128 : Save Us / If You Really Love Him
Stax 0157 : Lovin' On Borrowed Time / The Man In The Street
Stax 0175 : I've Got To Go On Without You / You're The Kind Of Love I Need
Stax 0198 : Gettin' What You Want / All I Need Is Your Love
Stax 0221 : Get It While It's Hot / Nobody Walks Away From Love Unhurt


THE SOUL OF A BELL- Stax 709 : Everybody Loves A Winner ; You Don't Miss Your Water ; Do Right Woman-Do Right Man ; I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) ; Nothing Takes The Place Of You ; Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye ; Eloise (Hang On In There) ; Any Other Way ; It's Happening All Over ; Never Like This Before ; You're Such A Sweet Thang.  (reissued on CD)

SOUL EXPLOSION - Stax 2-2007 (part) : Private Number (with Judy Clay).  (reissued on CD)

BOUND TO HAPPEN - Stax 2014 : I Forgot To Be Your Lover/Western Union Man/My Whole World Is Falling Down/Everyday People/Johnny I Love You/All God's Children Got Soul//Happy/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Bring The Curtain Down/A Smile Can't Hide (A Broken Heart)/Born Under A Bad Sign/I Got A Sure Thing.  (reissued on CD)

BOYS MEET GIRLS - Stax 2-2024 (part) : Soul-A- Lujah (Johnnie Taylor, Eddie Floyd, William Bell, Pervis Staples, Carla Thomas, Mavis Staples, Cleotha Staples)/I Ain't Particular (William Bell & Mavis Staples)/I Can't Stop (William Bell & Carla Thomas)/I Thank You (William Bell & Mavis Staples)//Love Sweet Sensation (William Bell & Mavis Staples)/I Need You Woman (William Bell & Carla Thomas)/Hold On This Time (William Bell & Mavis Staples)/Leave The Girl Alone (William Bell & Mavis Staples)/Strung Out (William Bell & Mavis Staples)/All I Have To Do Is Dream (William Bell & Carla Thomas).  (reissued on CD)

WOW... - Stax 2037 : I Can't Make It (All By Myself)/Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone/All For The Love Of A Woman/My Door Is Always Open/A Penny For Your Thoughts//You'll Want Diamonds/Winding Winding Road/Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt/I Forgot To Be Your Lover/I'll Be Home.  (reissued on CD)

PHASES OF REALITY - Stax 3005 : Save Me/True Love Don't Come Easy/Fifty Dollar Habit/What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me//Phases Of Reality/If You Really Love Him/Lonely For Your Love/The Man In The Street.  (reissued on CD)

RELATING - Stax 5502 : Lovin' On Borrowed Time/All I Need Is Your Love/Such A Fever/Nobody Walks Away From Love Unhurt/Gettin' What You Want (Losin' What You Got)//I've Got To Go On Without You/Drinklin' And Thinkin'/You've Got The Kind Of Love I Need/You Don't Want A Man/Nobody But You.  (reissued on CD)

A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA - Ace 037 : She Won't Be Like You ; All That I Am ; Let's Do Something Together ; Forever Wouldn't Be Too Long ; You Got Me Where You Want Me ; Quittin' Time ; That's My Love ; You Need A Little Something Extra ; There's A Love ; Never Let Me Go ; We Got Something Good ; You Got Me Where You Want Me ; Will You Love Me Tomorrow ; Love Will Find A Way ; What Did I Do Wrong ; Sacrifice ; Love Is After Me ; The Life I Live ; Wait ; You're Never Too Old.

VARIOUS : Any Other Way ; You Don't Miss Your Water -live (Ace 040) ; Never Let Me Go -take 1 (Ace 042) ; She Won't Be Like you (Ace 042) ; You Don't Miss your Water -alt (Ace 074).