The numbers in brackets are the local publication number matrix (V-1000 series)
and those distributed by Atlantic/Atco (VLT-6000 to 14000 series).

V-100   Burnt Biscuits (1026)                       The Triumphs
        Raw Dough (1027)
V-101   No Tears                                    The Tonettes
        Please Don't Go                              
V-102   Green Onions (6295)                         Booker T. & The MG's
        Behave Yourself (6296)
V-103   These Arms Of Mine (1072)(6512)             Otis Redding
        Hey Hey Baby (1071)(6511)
V-104   Teardrop Sea                                The Tonettes
        Stolen Angel 
V-105   My Imaginary Guy                            Deanie Parker
        Until You Return
V-106   The Hawg Pt. I                              Eddie Kirk
        The Hawg Pt. II
V-107   Don't Be Afraid Of Love                     Oscar Mack
        I See My Baby Coming
V-108   What Can I Do Pt. I (7097)                  Bobby Marchan
        What Can I Do Pt. II (7098)
V-109   That's What My Heart Needs (1110)           Otis Redding
        Mary Had A Little Lamb (1189)
V-110   Bango (7169)                                Billy & The King Bees
        Susie Q (7170)
V-111   Them Bones                                  Eddie Kirk
        I Found A Brand New Love
V-112   Pain In My Heart (7230)                     Otis Redding
        Something Is Worrying Me (7231)
V-113   That's The Way That It Goes (7494)          Bobby Marchan
        You Won't do Right (7495)
V-114   Wondering (When My Love Is Coming Home)     The Drapels
        Please Don't Leave
V-115   Each Step I Take                            Deanie Parker
        Mary Lee You Can Do The Bumble Bee
V-116   Come To Me (7603)                           Otis Redding
        Don't Leave Me This Way (7602)
V-117   Security                                    Otis Redding
        I Want To Thank You (7440)
V-118   Closer To My Baby                           Dorothy Williams
V-119   Young Man                                   The Drapels
        Your Love Is All I Need
V-120   Please Return To Me                         The Fleets
        Go Away
V-121   Chained And Bound (8174)                    Otis Redding
        Your One And Only Man (8173)
V-122   Spunky (1134)                               Johnny Jenkins
        Bashful Guitar (1135)
V-123   Yank Me (Doodle) (8435)                     The Baracudas
        Free For All (8436) 
V-124   That's How Strong My Love Is (8443)         Otis Redding
        Mr Pitiful (8444)
V-125   Got You On My Mind                          The Admirals
        King Of Love
V-126   I've Been Loving You Too Long 
                        (To Stop Now) (8826)        Otis Redding
        I'm Depending On You (8827)
V-127   Don't Have To Shop Around (9089)            The Mad Lads
        Tear Maker (9088)
V-128   Respect (9108)                              Otis Redding
        Ole Man Trouble (9178)
V-129   Blue Groove (1162)                          Sir Isaac & The Do-Dads
        Big Dipper (1163)
V-130   I Can't Turn You Loose (9479)               Otis Redding
        Just One More Day (9480)
V-131   I Want Someone (9791)                       The Mad Lads
        Can't Break Through (9790)
V-132   Satisfaction (9106)                         Otis Redding
        Any Ole Way (9913)
V-133   I'll Run Your Hurt Away (9960)              Ruby Johnson
        Weak Spot (9961)
V-134   Hot Dog (9977)                              The Four Shells
        Reputation (9978)
V-135   Sugar Sugar (10022)                         The Mad Lads
        Come Closer To Me (10014)
V-136   My Lover's Prayer (10222)                   Otis Redding
        Don't Mess With Cupid (10223)
V-137   I Want A Girl (10383)                       The Mad Lads
        What Will Love Tend To Make You Do (10382)
V-138   Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) (10725)        Otis Redding
        Good To Me (10726)
V-139   Patch My Heart (10772)                      The Mad Lads
        You Mean So Much To Me (10018)
V-140   Come To Me My Darling (10878)               Ruby Johnson
        When My Love Comes Down (10879)
V-141   Try A Little Tenderness (11135)             Otis Redding
        I'm Sick Y'all (11136)                           
V-142   Please Uncle Sam (Send Back My Man) (11157) The Charmels
        Something Sweet About My Baby (11158)
V-143   I Don't Want To Lose Your Love (11419)      The Mad Lads
        For These Simple Reasons (11420)
V-144   Let Me Down Slow (11513)                    Bobby Wilson
        Feels Good (11514)
V-145   The Spoiler (12218)                         Eddie Purrell
        My Pride Won't Let Me (12219)
V-146   I Love You More Than Words Can Say (11870)  Otis Redding
        Let Me Come On Home (12033)
V-147   If I Ever Needed Love (I Sure               Ruby Johnson
                       Do Need It Now (12032)       
        Keep On Keeping On (12033)
V-148   Soul Finger (12034)                         The Bar-Kays
        Knucklehead (12035)
V-149   Shake (live) (12268)                        Otis Redding
        You Don't Miss Your Water (9107)
V-150   My Inspiration (10016)                      The Mad Lads
        Mr Fix it (12489)
V-151   How Can You Mistreat The One 
                            You Love (12492)        Jeanne & The Darlings
        That Man Of Mine (12493)
V-152   Glory Of Love (12625)                       Otis Redding
        I'm Coming Home (12626
V-153   I'll Gladly Take You Back (12829)           The Charmels
        Loving Material (12830)
V-154   Give Everybody Some (12082)                 The Bar-Kays
        Don't Do That (12830)
V-155   As Long As I've Got You (13475)             The Charmels
        Baby Come Get It (13476)
V-156   Souled Girl (13523)                         Jeanne & The Darlings
        What's Gonna Happen To Me (13524)
V-157   (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (13684)     Otis Redding
        Sweet Lorene (13524)
V-158   A Hard Day's Night (13873)                   The Bar-Kays
        I Want Someone (12638)
V-159   What Will Later On Be Like (13896)           Jeanne & The Darlings
        Hang Me Down (13897)
V-160   Soul Power (14044)                           Derek Martin
        Sly Girl (14045)
V-161   Bring Your Love Back To Me (14046)           Linda Lyndell
        Here Am I (14047)
V-162   Whatever Hurts You (14111)                   The Mad Lads
        No Time Is Better Than Right Now (14112)
V-163   The Happy Song (Dum-Dum) (14113)             Otis Redding
        Open The Door (13872)      

End of Atlantic/Atco distribution (May 68)

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