NB : Among the various labels distributed by Stax, only those dealing with Soul Music are listed here.

HIP (HIA serie) :
8001   Rasberry Rug                                 Bobby Whitlock
And I Love You
8002 Smell Of Incense The Southwest F.O.B.
Green Skies
8003 Sally's Got A Good Thing The Village Sound
The La-La Song
8004 Kitchy Kitchy Koo The Popcorn Generation
Shake It
8005 Condition Red The Goodees
Didn't Know Love Was So Good
8006 Family Portrait Billy Lee Riley
Going Back To Memphis
8007 The Children Have Your Tongue This Generation
Give Her What She Wants
8008 Who's Making Love Daaron Lee
Long Black Train
8009 Nadine The Southwest F.O.B.
All One Big Game
8010 Jilted The Goodees
Love Is Here
8011 Show Me Your Soul Billy Lee Riley
Midnight Hour
8012 Day In Day Out Waters
Mother Samwell
8013 Hey Jack (Don't Hijack My Plane) The Village Sound
Eloise (Hang On In There)
8014 Cool My Desire The Cheques
Walk With Me
8015 As I Look At You The Southwest F.O.B.
Independent Me
8016 Goodies The Goodees
He's A Rebel
8017 Miss Rita Famous Paris Pilot
Overton Park Flip
8018 Warm City Baby The Honey Jug
Honey Say So
8019 Sweet Sally Brown The Cheques
8020 Let Us Pray The Knowbody Else
Someone Something
8021 Truth Or Consequences The Village Sound
Big Bird
8022 Feeling Groovy The Southwest F.O.B.
Beggar Man

WARREN (WAA serie) :
106   Big Leg Woman                                 Israel Tolbert
I Got Love
107 Shake Your Big Hips Israel Tolbert
Lost Love
108 I'll Always Love You Sam Moultrie
Do Your Own Thing
109 Let Me Groove You Betty Wilson
Love Of My Man

111 Hot Pants Breakdown Israel Tolbert
Darling I Love You

RESPECT (TAA serie) :
2501   The Natural Do                               John Kasandra
Tired Old Subject
2502 Ain't I Good John Kasandra
Down Moveups/Good Whisky And Bad Women
2503 It Happened In Tennessee Pt. I Bufford Pusser
It Happened In Tennessee Pt. II & Wayne Jackson
2504 Mose (Pt. 3) John Kasandra
Tired Old Subject
2505 He's Mine Jacqui Verdell
We're Gonna Have A Good Time
2506 Humble Bread Bill Phillips
Other Side
2507 You're Astounding Barbara C. Joe
Don't You Know That It's Allright
2508 Boom-A-Rang The Dynamic Soul Machine
Moving On
2509 I Can't Shake Your Love The Fiestas
Sometimes Storm

PARTEE (PBA serie) :
1301   The World's Prayer                           Moms Mabley
Ain't Goin' To Tell It Right
1302 Martian Walk Barney Bungle
The U.F.O. Landing & Clarence Kleen
1303 Snake Hips Timmie Rogers

WEISS (WEA serie) :
3440   Forever My Love                              Maurice Jackson
May Be
3001 Light My Fire The Soul Merchants
3002 Soul Town The Forevers
What Goes Around Comes Around
3003 What Happened To Our Good Thing Kitty Haywood
It's So Lonely
3004 If I Don't Use My Head John Edwards
My Pride Won't Let Me
3005 Moving Dancer Bobby Holley
Baby I Love You
3006 If I Had Wings Virginia State Ensemble
Work For God
3007 There'll Never Be Another Woman John Edwards
Lonely Life

MIKIM (MIA serie) :
1501   Since I Fell For You                         The Lords
Only A Man
1502 If I Had It My Way Kim Weston
Gonna Be Allright
1503 Little By Little And Bit By Bit Kim Weston
(I Wanna Be A) Hang Up To You
1504 The Choice Is Up To You Kim Weston
Buy Myself A Man

1101   Don't Change Your Mind                       Jackie Ross
Who Could Be Loving You
1102 Get On The Case The Infinity
Keep It To Yourself
1103 Angel Of The Morning Jackie Ross

ARCH (ARA serie) :
1301   Lollipop Lady                                The Delrays
Always Something There To Remind Me
1302 Remone Lindell Hill
Used To Be My Love
1303 Subconcious Train Of Thoughts The Ardvarks
Unicorn Man
1304 Somebody Stole My Gal Fresh Air
ditto (instrumental)
1305 Hey You! Don't Fight It! The Montclairs
Never Ending Love

16001   Broadway Freeze                             Harvey Scales 
Can't Cry No More & The Seven Sounds