H-100   Sad Guy                                    The Fleets
H-101   Rainy Day Lovin'                           Tommy Burk & The Counts
H-102   She's The Best Girl In Town                Poor Little Rich Kids
        Stop, Quit It
H-103   Flat Foot Floogie part I                   Johnny Dark & His New
        Flat Foot Floogie part II                  York Society Band
H-104   Street Walker                              Lonnie Duvall
H-105   Unissued
H-106   Warm City Baby                             The Honey Jug
        Honey Say So
H-107   Memphis                                    Bob Snyder
        Patty Cake
H-108   Glad To Do It                              C. L. Blast
        Double Up
H-109   For A Little While                         The Goodees
        Would You, Could You
H-110   In 1582 We                                 The Honey Jug
        For Your Love
H-111   Sheri                                      David Hollis
        Monkey Man
H-112	Your Mother And Daddy Are Right            Lonnie Duvall
H-113   Groovy Day				   Kangaroos
	Every Man Needs A Woman

J-469   Same Thing All Over                        Billy Young
        Do The Sloppy
J-470   I'm A Lonely Stranger                      Arthur Conley
        Where You Lead Me
J-471   Baby Cakes                                 Loretta Williams
        I'm Missing You
J-472   There's A Place For Us                     Arthur Conley
        Who's Fooling Who

C-100   Don't Need No Doctor                       The Christian Harmonizers
        Jesus Will Send Down His Blessings
C-101   Why Not Try My God                         The Pattersonaires
        How Long Oh Lord How Long
C-102   Assassination                              The Dixie Nightingales
        Hush Hush
C-103   I Don't Know                               The Dixie Nightingales
        Keep On Trying
C-104   Wade In The Water                          The Stars Of Virginia
        God's Got A Way
C-105   Forgive These Fools                        The Dixie Nightingales
        There's Not A Friend
C-106   Our Freedom Song                           The Jubilee Hummingbirds
        Press My Dying Pillow
C-107   God's Promise                              The Pattersonaires
        He's Worthy 

S-334   Never Get Enough Of Your Love              Eddie Floyd
        Baby Bye
S-335   I'll Be There                              Betty & Roy
        I Love You So
S-336   I'll Be Home For Christmas                 Eddie Floyd
        Can This Be Christmas
S-337   Everybody Makes A Mistake Sometime         Roy Arlington
        That's Good Enough
S-338   Make Up Your Mind                          Eddie Floyd
        No, No, No


EN-001   I Was Born To Love You                    Shirley Walton
         I'm So Glad You're Back
EN-002   Precious, Precious                        Isaac Hayes
         Going To Chicago Blues
EN-003   Georgie Girl                              Eddie Henderson's Quintet
         A Million Or More Times
EN-004   Send Peace And Harmony Home               Shirley Walton
         The One You Can't Have All By Yourself