STA-0000 serie
0001   Soul Limbo                                  Booker T. & The MG's
       Heads Or Tails                             
0002   I've Never Found A Girl                     Eddie Floyd
       I'm Just The Kind Of Fool
0003   It's Been A Long Time Coming                Delaney & Bonnie
       We've Just Been Feeling Bad                 
0004   Stay Baby Stay                              Johnny Daye
       I Love Love
0005   Private Number                              William Bell & Judy Clay
0006   Bed Of Roses                                Judy Clay
       Remove These Clouds
0007   Long Walk To D.C.                           The Staple Singers
       Stay With Us
0008   Give 'Em Love                               The Soul Children
       Move Over
0009   Who's Making Love                           Johnnie Taylor
       I'm Trying
0010   Funky Mississipi                            Rufus Thomas
       Hard To Get Along With
0011   Where Do I Go                               Carla Thomas
       I've Fallen In Love
0012   Bring It On Home To Me                      Eddie Floyd
       Sweet Things You Do
0013   Hang 'Em High                               Booker T. & The MG's
       Over Easy
0014   You're Leaving Me                           Ollie & The Nightingales
       Showered With Love
0015   I Forgot To Be Your Lover                   William Bell
       Bring The Curtain Down
0016   Running Out                                 Mable John
       Shouldn't I Love Him
0017   My Baby Specialises                         William Bell & Judy Clay
       Left Over Love
0018   I'll Understand                             The Soul Children
       Doin' Our Thang
0019   The Ghetto                                  The Staple Singers
       Got To Be Some Changes Made
0020   Blues Power                                 Albert King
       Night Stomp
0021   The Echo                                    The Epsilons
       Really Rockin'
0022   Funky Way                                   Rufus Thomas
       I Want To Hold You
0023   Take Care Of Your Homework                  Johnnie Taylor
       Hold On This Time
0024   I Like What You're Doing To Me              Carla Thomas
       Strung out
0025   I've Got To Have Your Love                  Eddie Floyd
       Girl I Love You
0026   It Ain't Long Enough                        Judy Clay
       Give Love To Save Love
0027   Mellow Way You Treat Your Man               Ollie & The Nightingales
       Don't Do What I Did
0028   Time Is Tight                               Booker T. & The MG's
       Johnny I Love You
0029   Double Or Nothing                           The Mar-Keys
       Knock On Wood
0030   Tighen Up My Thang                          The Soul Children
       Take Up The Slack
0031   (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay            The Staple Singers
       Top Of The Mountain
0032   All God's Children Got Soul                 William Bell
       My Whole World Is Falling Down
0033   Testify                                     Johnnie Taylor
       I Had A Fight With Love
0034   Drowning On Dry Land Pt. I                  Albert King
       Drowning On Dry Land Pt. II  
0035   Do The Cissy                                The Stingers
       I Refuse To Be Lonely
0036   Don't Tell Your Mama                        Eddie Floyd
       Consider Me
0037   Mrs Robinson                                Booker T. & The MG's
       Soul Clap 69
0038   Happy                                       William Bell
       My Kind Of Girl
0039   The Challenge                               The Staple Singers
       The Gardener
0040   Soul-A-Lujah Pt. I                          E. Floyd, W. Bell,
       Soul-A-Lujah Pt. II                         C. Thomas, J. Taylor
                                                   & M. Staples
0041   Never Let You Go                            Eddie Floyd
       Ain't That Good                             & Mavis Staples
0042   Just Keep On Loving Me                      Johnnie Taylor
       My Life                                     & Carla Thomas
0043   Love's Sweet Sensation                      William Bell
       Strung Out                                  & Mavis Staples
0044   I Need You Woman                            William Bell
       I Can't Stop                                & Carla Thomas
0045   I've Got A Feeling                          Ollie & The Nightingales
       You'll Never Do Wrong
0046   I Could Never Be President                  Johnnie Taylor
       It's Amazing
0047   Tupelo Pt. I                                Pop Staples
       Tupelo Pt. II
0048   Water                                       A. King, Pop Staples
       Opus De Soul                                & Steve Cropper
0049   Slum Baby                                   Booker T. & The MG's
0050   The Sweeter He Is Pt. I                     The Soul Children
       The Sweeter He Is Pt. II
0051   Why Is The Wine Sweeter ?                   Eddie Floyd
       People Get It Together
0052   When Will We Be Paid ?                      The Staple Singers
       Tend To Your Own Business
0053   Grinder Man                                 John Lee Hooker
       Slow And Easy
0054   Born Under A Bad Sign                       William Bell
       A Smile Can't Hide
0055   Love Bones                                  Johnnie Taylor
       Mr Nobody Is Somebody
0056   Some Other Man                              Carla Thomas
       Guide Me Well
0057   Hard To Say Goodbye                         Delaney & Bonnie
       Just Plain Beautiful
0058   Cockroach                                   Albert King
       Wrapped Up In Love Again
0059   Do The Funky Chicken                        Rufus Thomas
       Turn Your Damper Down
0060   California Girl                             Eddie Floyd
0061   Never Be True                               Carla Thomas
       The Time For Love Is Anytime
0062   Hold On, I'm Coming                         The Soul Children
       Make It Good
0063   Help Me Put Out The Flame                   Ernie Hines
       A Better World
0064   Black Boy                                   Roebuck Staples
       Tryin' Time
0065   Bracing Myself For The Fall                 Ollie & The Nightingales
       I'll Be Your Anything
0066   Give A Damn                                 The Staple Singers
       God Bless The Children
0067   Leave The Girl Alone (w/ M. Staples)        William Bell
       All I Have To Do Is Dream (w/ C. Thomas)
0068   Steal Away                                  Johnnie Taylor
       Friday Night
0069   Can't See What You're Doing To Me           Albert King
       Cold Sweat
0070   Lonely Soldier                              William Bell
       Let Me Ride
0071   The Preacher And The Bear                   Rufus Thomas
       60 Minute Man
0072   My Girl                                     Eddie Floyd
0073   Something (edited)                          Booker T. & The MG's
       Sunday Sermon
0074   Brand New Day                               The Staple Singers
       God Bless The Children
0075   Give Me One Good Reason Why                 The Soul Children
          Put Your World In Mine
0076   You're Moving Much Too Fast                 The Nightingales
       Don't Let A Good Thing Go
0077   Best Years Of My Life                       Eddie Floyd
       My Little Girl
0078   I Am Somebody Pt. I                         Johnnie Taylor
       I Am Somebody Pt. II
0079   (Do The) Push And Pull Pt. I                Rufus Thomas
       (Do The) Push And Pull Pt. II
0080   I Loved You Like I Love My Very Life        Carla Thomas
       Hi De Do
0081   So Easy To See                              Proud As Punch
       If You Look Into My Eyes
0082   Melting Pot (edited)                        Booker T. & The MG's
       Kinda Easy Like (edited)
0083   Love Is Plentiful                           The Staple Singers
       Heavy Makes You Happy
0084   Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas         The Staples Singers
       ditto (instrumental)
0085   Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone               Johnnie Taylor
       A Fool Like Me
0086   Let's Make A Sweet Thing Sweeter            The Soul Children
       Finish Me Off
0087   When My Baby Said Goodbye                   Eddie Floyd
       Oh, How It Rained
0088   Mr Big Stuff                                Jean Knight
       Why I Keep Living These Memories
0089   I Don't Wanna Lose You Pt. I                Johnnie Taylor
       Party Live
0090   The World Is Round                          Rufus Thomas
       I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
0091   I Don't Want To Be Like My Daddy            The Nightingales
       Just A Little Overcome
0092   A Penny For Your Thoughts                   William Bell
       Till My Back Ain't Got No Bone
0093   You've Got To Earn It                       The Staple Singers
       I'm A Loser
0094   Shame On The Family Name                    Calvin Scott
       I've Made A Reservation
0095   Blood Is Thicker Than Water                 Eddie Floyd
       Have You Heard The Word
0096   Hijackin' Love                              Johnnie Taylor
       Love In The Streets (Ain't Good As The
                                 Love At Home)
0097   Sweetback's Theme                           Melvin Van Peebles
       Hoppin' John
0098   The Breakdown Pt. I                         Rufus Thomas
       The Breakdown Pt. II
0099   Pin The Tail On The Donkey                  The Newcomers
       Mannish Boy
0100   If That Ain't A Reason                      Little Milton
       Mr Mailman
0101   Everybody Want To Go To Heaven              Albert King
       Lovejoy, Ill.
0102   Gonna Get Away From It All                  The Soul Children
       Ridin' On Love Merry-Go-Round
0103   Losing Boy                                  Eddie Giles
       It Takes Me All Night
0104   Respect Yourself                            The Staple Singers
       You're Gonna Make Me Cry
0105   You Think You're Hot Stuff                  Jean Knight
       Don't Talk About Jody
0106   All The Love Of A Woman                     William Bell
       I'll Be Home
0107   Don't Do It - I'm With You                  The Nightingales
       Can't Get Away
0108   Jamaica This Morning                        The MG's
       Fuqawi (w/ Booker T. Jones)
0109   Yum Yum Yum (I Want Some)                   Eddie Floyd
       Tears Of Joy
0110   A Sadness For Things                        Calvin Scott
       Goin' Back To Eden
0111   I'm Living Off The Love You Give            Little Milton
       That's What Love Will Make You Do
0112   Do The Funky Penguin Pt. I                  Rufus Thomas
       Do The Funky Penguin Pt. II
0113   You've Got A Cushion To Fall On             Carla Thomas
       Love Means
0114   Standing In For Jody                        Johnnie Taylor
       Shakin' Up
0115   Look Around You                             Black Society
       Happy Human People
0116   Carry On                                    Jean Knight
       Call Me Your Fool (If You Want To)
0117   I've Been Lonely For So long                Frederic Knight
       Lean On Me
0118   Nothing Is Everlasting                      Annette Thomas
       Hang On
0119   Hearsay                                     The Soul Children
       Don't Take My Sunshine
0120   Right On                                    Sons Of Slum
       What Does It Takes To Turn You On
0121   Angel Of Mercy                              Albert King
       Funky London
0122   Doin' My Own Thing Pt. I                    Johnnie Taylor
       Doin' My Own Thing Pt. II
0123   Living A Life Without Love                  Veda Brown
       Take It Off Her And Put It On Me  
0124   Before The Honeymoon                        Little Milton
       Walking The Back Streets And Crying
0125   I'll Take You There                         The Staple Singers
       I'm Just Another Soldier
0126   What's Good For You                         Harvey Scales
       I Wanna Do It
0127   Starting All Over Again                     Mel & Tim
       It Hurts To Want It So Bad
0128   Save Us                                     William Bell
       If You Really Love Him
0129   6-3-8 (That's The Number To Play)           Rufus Thomas
       Love Trap
0130   Keep On Loving Me                           Stefan
       Wings And Wheels
0131   Do The Sweetback                            March Wind
       All The Way Down
0132   Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness         The Soul Children
       Just The One I've Been Looking For
0133   Sugar                                       Carla Thomas
       You've Got A Cushion To Fall On
0134   You're Good Enough (To Me Baby)             Eddie Floyd
       Spend All You Have On Love
0135   I'll Play The Blues For You Pt. I           Albert King
       I'll Play The Blues For You Pt. II
0136   Helping Man                                 Jean Knight
       Pick Up the Pieces
0137   This World                                  The Staple Singers
       Are You Sure
0138   What Goes Around                            Sons Of Slum
       The Man 
0139   Trouble                                     Frederic Knight
0140   Itch And Scratch Pt. I                      Rufus Thomas
       Itch And Scratch Pt. II
0141   I'm Gonna Cry A River                       Little Milton
       What It Is
0142   Stop Doggin' Me                             Johnnie Taylor
       Stop Teasin' Me
0143   I Know It's Not Right                       Veda Brown
       Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You
0144   The Dryer Pt. I                             Roy Lee Johnson
       The Dryer Pt. II
0145   Holy Cow                                    Stefan
       Take It Like It Comes
0146   My Sweet Lord                               John Gary Williams
       In Love With You
0147   Breaking Up Somebody's Home                 Albert King
       Little Brother
0148   Rainy Day                                   Little Milton
       Lovin' Stick
0149   I May Not Be All You Want                   Carla Thomas
0150   Do Me                                       Jean Knight
       Save The Last Kiss For Me
0151   How Can You Mistreat The One You Love       Katie Love
       You Made Your Bed
0152   It Ain't Always What You Do                 The Soul Children
       All That Shines Ain't Gold
0153   Funky Robot Pt. I                           Rufus Thomas
       Funky Robot Pt. II
0154   I May Not Be What You Want                  Mel & Tim
       Too Much Wheelin' And Dealin'
0155   Don't You Fool With My Soul Pt. I           Johnnie Taylor
       Don't You Fool With My Soul Pt. II
0156   Oh La De Da                                 The Staple Singers
       We The People
0157   Lovin' On Borrowed Time                     William Bell
       The Man In The Street
0158   Lay Your Loving On Me                       Eddie Floyd
       Knock On Wood
0159   Lady Ride                                   Needom Carroll Grantham
0160   Heaven Knows                                Mel & Tim
       Don't Mess With My Money, My Honey Or My 
0161   I Believe In You                            Johnnie Taylor
       Love Depression
0162   Just Can't Get It Through My Head           Harvey Scales
       Love Is What You Make It
0163   Short Stopping                              Veda Brown
       I Can See Every Woman's Man But Mine
0164   Be What You Are                             The Staple Singers
       I Like The Things About Me
0165   I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby            Stefan
       As Long As I Can See The Light
0166   Playing On Me                               Albert King
       High Cost Of Loving
0167   This Is My Song Of Love To You              Frederic Knight
       Take Me On Home Witcha
0168   I'm In Love With You                        March Wind
       (I Didn't Know What Losing Was) Til I Lost 
0169   Sugarcane                                   The MG's
0170   Love Is A Hurtin' Thing                     The Soul Children
       Poem On The School House Door
0171   Baby Lay Your Head Down                     Eddie Floyd
       Check Me Out
0172   Bad Words And Evil People                   Skin Alley
       The Demagogue
0173   Love Among People                           Carla Thomas
       I Have A God Who Loves
0174   What Is It                                  Little Milton
       Who Can Handle Me Is You
0175   I've Got To Go On Without You               William Bell
       You're Got The Kind Of Love I Need
0176   Cheaper To Keep Her                         Johnnie Taylor
       I Can Read Between The Lines
0177   You Don't Want Me No More                   Rufus Thomas
       I'm Still In Love With You
0178   Slipped And Stripped                        The Sweet Inspirations
0179   If You're Ready                             The Staple Singers
       Love Comes In All Colors
0180   unissued (changed to 0201)
0181   Sweet Johanna                               Stefan
       Kokomo Me Baby
0182   I'll Be The Other Woman                     The Soul Children
       Comeback Kind Of Love
0183   I Can't Resist                              Salix Alba
       Sweet Times
0184   Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee                 John Eric
       Who's a Blue
0185   I See America                               Glen Yarbrough
       Holy Creation                               & Limelighters
0186   The Martian Hop                             The Newcomers
       Humpty Dumpty
0187   I'll Be Your Santa Baby                     Rufus Thomas
       That Makes Christmas Day
0188   I Wanna Do Things For You                   Eddie Floyd
       We've Been Through Too Much Together
0189   That's What The Blues Is All About          Albert King
       I Wanna Get Funky
0190   One Way Love Affair                         Carolyn Hurley
       If You Had Known Me Then
0191   Tin Pan Alley                               Little Milton
       Sweet Woman Of Mine
0192   The Funky Bird                              Rufus Thomas
       Steal A Little
0193   We're Getting Careless With Our Love        Johnnie Taylor
       Poor Make Believer
0194   Fever                                       Veda Brown
       Don't Start Loving Me
0195   My Last Day On Earth                        Sean Downey
       I Believe America
0196   Touch A Hand, Make A Friend                 The Staple Singers
       Tellin' Lies
0197   Justine                                     Stefan
       Holly Cow
0198   Gettin' What You Want                       William Bell
       All I Need Is Your Love
0199   Willobee And Dale                           The Box Tops
       It's Gonna Be OK
0200   Neckbone                                    The MG's
0201   Suzy                                        Frederic Knight
       I Let My Chance Go By
0202   The Same Folks                              Mel & Tim
       It's Those Little Things That Count
0203   Dirty Tricks                                The Sweet Inspirations
       Try A Little Tenderness
0204   Everybody's Reaching Out                    Glen Yarbrough
       Freedom To Stay
0205   The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy         John Gary Williams
       Ask The Lonely
0206   Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me                  Lena Zavaroni
       Rockabye Your Baby
0207   No End Of Love                              Mickey Jones
       Cheating, Drinking Song
0208   I've Been Born Again                        Johnnie Taylor
       At Night Time
0209   Guess Who                                   Eddie Floyd
       Something To Write Home About
0210   Behind Closed Doors                         Little Milton
       Bet You I Win
0211   Mother's Day                                Mike Douglas
       Birthday Song
0212   Wounded Woman                               Sandra Wright
       Midnight Affair
0213   Whitcha Did It Go                           Roebuck "Pops" Staples
       What's Your Thing
0214   Takin' Care Of Business Pt I                The Krunch Band
       Takin' Care Of Business Pt II
0215   City In The Sky                             The Staple Singers
       That's What My Friends Are For
0216   Soul Street                                 Eddie Floyd
       Highway Man
0217   Flat Tire                                   Albert King
       I Can't Hear Nothing But The Blues
0218   Love Makes It Right Pt.I                    The Soul Children
       Love Makes It Right Pt. II
0219   Boogie Ain't Nuttin' Pt. I                  Rufus Thomas
       Boogie Ain't Nuttin' Pt. II
0220   Yada Yada                                   Dino & The California
       C.C. Boogie                                 Cafe Choir
0221   Get It While It's Hot                       William Bell
       Nobody Walks Away From Love Unhurt
0222   Roundabout Sue                              Second Society
       Without Love
0223   Little Gold Band                            The Gentrys
       All Hung Up On You
0224   That's The Way I Want To Live My Life       Mel & Tim
       Forever And A Day
0225   Mary Makes Magic                            Glen Yarbrough
       Ride This Road
0226   It's September                              Johnnie Taylor
       Just One Moment
0227   My Main Man                                 The Staple Singers
       Who Made The Man
0228   Crosscut Saw                                Albert King
       Don't Burn Down The Bridge 
0229   Let Me Back In                              Little Milton
       Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson
0230   What's Happening Baby Pt. I                 The Soul Children
       What's Happening Baby Pt. II
0231   I Keep Thinking To Myself                   Brook Benton
       The Winds Of Change
0232   I Got A Reason To Smile                     Eddie Floyd
       Stealing Love
0233   The Mills On Fire                           Ken Matthews
       Please God
0234   Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'               Albert King
       Don't Burn Down The Bridge
0235   What A Wonderful World                      Lena Zavaroni
       Music, Music, Music
0236   Do The Double Bump Pt. I                    Rufus Thomas
       Do The Double Bump Pt. II
0237   It Don't Pay To Get up In The Morning       Johnnie Taylor
       Darling I Love You
0238   If You Talk In Your Sleep                   Little Milton
       Sweet Woman Of Mine
0239   Talk To The Man                             Eddie Floyd
       I Got A Reason To Smile
0240   Got A Right To Love                         Sean Downey
       Teach Me How To Pray
0241   Try Me Tonight                              Johnnie Taylor
0242   High Flyer                                  The Gentrys
       Little Gold Band
0243   The Warrior                                 Ipi 'N Tombia
       Ipi 'N Tombia
0244   Back Road Into Town                         The Staple Singers
       My Main Man
0245   I'm Doing Fine                              Albert King
       Ain't It Beautiful
0246   Groovin' On My Baby's Love                  Freddie Waters
       Kung Fu And You Too
0247   No Way                                      Theresa Davis
       If I Were You
0248   Back Road Into Town                         The Staple Singers
       My Main Man
0249   Shaft                                       Isaac Hayes
       I'll Take You There                         The Staple Singers
0250   Whatcha See Is Watcha Get                   The Dramatics
       Who's Making Love                           Johnnie Taylor
0251   I'm So Glad I Met you                       Eddie Floyd
       I'm So Grateful
0252   Packed Up And Took My Mind                  Little Milton
       How Could You Do It To Me
0253   Just Keep On Loving Me                      Johnnie Taylor
       Can't Trust Your Neighbor
0254   Jump Back '75 Pt. I                         Rufus Thomas
       Jump Back '75 Pt. II
0255   I Got To Be Myself                          The Staple Singers
Completed thanks to many friends, including René Wu, Pierre Daguerre and Peter Gibbon.