The numbers in brackets are the local publication number matrix (S or SA-1000 series)
and those distributed by Atlantic/Atco (STX, S or A-5000 to 14000 series).

1st Satellite serie (57-58) :

S-100    Blue Roses                                Fred Byler & Tunetts
         Give Me Your Love
S-101    Boppin' High School Baby                  Don Willis
         Warrior Sam
S-102    Nobody's Darling                          Fred Byler
         No Forgetting You
S-103    Whisper Your Love                         Donna Rae & The Sunbeams
         Little Fool
S-104    You Drive Me Crazy                        Ray Scott & The Demens
         Say Anything But Not Goodbye

2nd Satellite and Stax serie (from 1959) :

Note : Satellite label from 100 to 111. 111 was also issued as Stax. The different records with the same number are not mistakes but different issues. The singles with 3 title tracks were issued with two different B-sides (one local Stax issue and the other through the Atlantic national distribution). Some catalog numbers were different on local and Atlantic issues.

S-100   Fool In Love                               The Vel-Tones
S-101   Destiny                                    Charles Heinz
        Prove Your Love                            
S-102   Cause I Love You (1003)                    Rufus & Carla Thomas
        Deep Down Inside (1004)
S-103   Whisper Your Love (1005)                   Donna Rae
        Little Fool (1006)                                           
S-103   Suddenly                                   Charles Heinz
        Nobody Cares                               
S-104   Gee Whiz                                   Carla Thomas
        For You
S-104   You Drive Me Crazy                         Ray Scott
        Say Anything But Goodbye                  
S-105   As You Can See (1009)                      The Chips
        You Make Me Feel So Good (1010)                
S-106   You're My Girl                             Jimmy & The Spartans
        Why Doesn't She Notice Me                  
S-107   Last Night (1014)                          The Mar-Keys
        Night Before (1015)
S-108   I'm Going Home (1016)                      Prince Conley
        All The Way (1017)
S-109   The Right Girl (1018)                      Nick Charles
        Ain't That Love (1019)
S-110   Cindy (1020)                               Hoyt Johnson
        I Just Can't Learn (1021)
S-111   The Life I Live                            Barbara Stephens
        I Don't Worry 
S-112   Morning After (5680)                       The Mar-Keys
        Diana (5681)
S-113   The Life I Live (5692)                     Barbara Stephens
        I Don't Worry (5693)
S-114   About Noon (5687)                          The Mar-Keys
        Sack O-Woe (5689)
S-115   Foxy (5792)                                The Mar-Keys
        One Degree North (5793)
S-116   You Don't Miss Your Water (5795)           William Bell
        Formula Of Love (5794)
S-117   Goofin' Off (1038)                         Macy Skipper
        Night Rock (1039)
S-118   Wait A Minute                              Barbara Stephens
        Love Is Like A Flower 
S-119   Sunday Jealous                             Nick Charles
        I Won't Cry
S-120   That's The Way It Is With Me               Barbara Stephens
        If She Should Ever Break Your Heart
S-121   Popeye Stroll (5996)                       The Mar-Keys
        Po-Dunk (5997)
S-122   The Three Dogwoods (6100)                  Nick Charles
        Big Boys Don't Cry (6101)
S-123   Why Should I Suffer With The Blues         The Canes
        I'll Never Give Her Up (My Friend)
S-124   What's Happenin' (6191)                    The Mar-Keys
        You Got It (6024)
        What's Happenin' Tonight                   
S-125   Just Across The Street (6210)              The Del-Rios
        There's A Love (6211)
S-126   Can't Ever Let You Go (6431)               Rufus Thomas
        It's Aw'Right (6432)
S-127   Green Onions (6295)                        Booker T. & The MG's
        Behave Yourself (6296)
S-128   Any Other Way  (6378)                      William Bell
        Please Help Me, I'm Falling (6379)
S-129   Sack O Woe (5689)                          The Mar-Keys
        Sailor Man Waltz (6149)
S-130   The Dog (6513)                             Rufus Thomas
        Did You Ever Love A Woman (6514)
S-131   Jelly Bread (6590)                         Booker T. & The MG's
        Aw' Mercy (6589)
S-132   I Told You So (1075)                       William Bell
        What Cha' Gonna Do (107
)S-133  Bo-Time (6702)                             The Mar-Keys
        The Dribble (6703)
S-134   Home Grown (6775)                          Booker T. & The MG's
        Burnt Biscuits (6776)
        Big Train (6777)
S-135   Just As I Thought (6778                    William Bell
        I'm Waiting On You (6779)
S-136   That's My Guy (6964)                       Cheryl & Pam Johnson
        Lonely Girl (6965)
S-137   Chinese Checkers (7073)                    Booker T. & The MG's
        Plum Nellie (7074)
S-138   Somebody Mentioned Your Name (7075)        William Bell
        What Can I Do To Forget (7076)
S-139   What Can It Be                             The Astors
        Just Enough To Hurt Me
S-140   Walking The Dog (7171)                     Rufus Thomas
        Fine And Mellow
	You Said (7077)
S-141   I'll Show You (7215)                       William Bell
        Monkying Around (7214)
S-142   Mo'Onions (6440)                           Booker T. & The MG's
	Tic Tac Toe (7529)       
	Fannie Mae (7524)
S-143   Frog Stomp                                 Floyd Newman
S-144   Can Your Monkey Do The Dog (7496)          Rufus Thomas
        I Wanna Get Married (7497)
S-145   The Honey Dripper                          The Van-Dells
        Slumber Party
S-146   Who Will It Be Tomorrow (1124)             William Bell
        Don't Make Something Out Of Nothing)(1125)
S-147   I Don't Want You Anymore (7600)            Eddie Jefferson
        Uh Oh (I'm In Love Again) (7601)
S-148   Restless                                   The Cobras
        Shake Up
S-149   Somebody Stole My Dog (7261)               Rufus Thomas
        I Want To Be Loved (7262)
S-150   Big Party (7686)                           Barbara & The Browns
        You Belong To Her (7687)
S-151   That's Really Some Good (7758)             Rufus & Carla Thomas
        Night Time Is The Right Time (7756)
S-152   Dream Girl (7886)                          Oscar Mack
        You'll Never Know How Much I Love You (7887)
S-153   Soul Dressing (7891)                       Booker T. & The MG's
        MG Party (7892)
S-154   After Laughter (Comes Tears) (8065)        Wendy Rene
        What Will Tomorrow Bring (8066)
        She's Moving Away (1134)
S-155   Can't Explain How It Happened              Ivory Joe Hunter
        That Kind Of Woman
S-156   Bush Bash (8052)                           The Mar-Keys
        Beach Bash (8051)
S-157   Jump Back (8067)                           Rufus Thomas
        All Night Worker (8068)
S-158   In My Heart (8141)                         Barbara & The Browns
        Please Be Honest With Me (8142)
S-159   Bar-B-Q (8255)                             Wendy Rene
        Young And Foolish (8256)
S-160   The Sidewalk Surf                          The Mad Lads
        Surf Jerk
S-161   Can't Be Still (8318)                      Booker T. & The MG's
        Terrible Thing (8317)
S-162   Don't Let Her Be Your Baby                 The Del-Rays
        I Want To Do It (Marry You)
S-163   Can't See You When I Want To               David Porter
        Win You Over
S-164   My Lover (8492)                            Barbara & The Browns
        I Don't Want Trouble (8493)
S-165   Biggest Fool In Town (8524)                Gorgeous George
        Sweet Thing (8523)
S-166   The Shovel (1146)                          The Mar-Keys
        Banana Juice (1147)
S-167   Little Sally Walker (8535)                 Rufus Thomas
        Baby Walk (8534)
S-168   A Place Nobody Can Find (8751)             Sam & Dave
        Goodnight Baby (8752)
S-169   Boot-Leg (8809)                            Booker T. & The MG's
        Outrage (8335)
S-170   Candy (8922)                               The Astors
        I Found Out (8921)
S-171   Give You What I Got (1154)                 Wendy Rene
        Reap What You Saw (1155)
S-172   Stop ! Look What You're Doing (8919)       Carla Thomas
        Every Ounce Of Strength (8920)
S-173   Willy Nilly (8052)                         Rufus Thomas
        Sho' Gonna Mess Him Up (8051)
S-174   Crying All By Myself (9093)                William Bell
        Don't Stop Now (9092)
S-175   I Take What I Want (9179)                  Sam & Dave
        Sweet Home (9180)
S-176   When You Move You Lose (9194)              Rufus & Carla Thomas
        We're Tight (9195)
S-177   Make It Me                                 The Premiers
        You Make A Strong Weak Girl
S-178   The World Is Round (9256)                  Rufus Thomas
        Chicken Scratch (9255)
S-179   The Twilight Zone (9279)                   The Astors
        Mystery Woman (9278)
S-180   You Don't Know Like I Know (9446)          Sam & Dave
        Blame Me (Don't Blame My Heart) (9447)
S-181   Grab This Thing Pt. I (9484)               The Mar-Keys
        Grab This Thing Pt. II (9486)
S-182   Be My Lady (9486)                          Booker T. & The MG's
        Red Beans And Rice (9487)
S-183   Comfort Me (9619)                          Carla Thomas
        I'm For You (9615)
S-184   Birds And Bees (9803)                      Rufus & Carla Thomas
        Never Let You Go (9804)
s-185   Philly Dog (9838)                          The Mar-Keys
        Honey Pot (9839)
S-186   I Had A Dream (9853)                       Johnnie Taylor
        Changes (9863)
S-187   Things Get Better (9963)                   Eddie Floyd
        Good Love, Bad Love (9964)
S-188   Let Me Be Good To You (10010               Carla Thomas
        Another Night Without My Man (9618)
S-189   Hold On, I'm Coming (9992)                 Sam & Dave
        I've Got Everything I Need (9991)
S-190   Laundromat Blues (10019)                   Albert King
        Overall Junction (10020)
S-191   Share What You Got (10225)                 William Bell
        Marching Off To War (10224)
S-192   Your Good Thing (Is About To End) (10220)  Mable John
        It's Catching (10221)
S-193   I Got To Love Somebody's Baby (10392)      Johnnie Taylor
        Just The One I've Been Looking For (10393)
S-194   Knock On Wood (10495)                      Eddie Floyd
        Got To Make A Comeback (10496)
S-195   B-A-B-Y (10507)                            Carla Thomas
        What Have You Got To Offer Me (10508)
S-196   My Sweet Potato (10509)                    Booker T. & The MG's
        Booker-Loo (10510)
S-197   Oh, Pretty Woman (10594)                   Albert King
        Funk-Shun (10595)
S-198   Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody (10619)    Sam & Dave
        If You Got The Loving (10620)
S-199   Never Like This Before (10667)             William Bell
        Soldier's Goodbye (10699)
S-200   Sister's Got A Boyfriend (10748)           Rufus Thomas
        Talking 'Bout True Love (10785)
S-201   Crosscut Saw (11128)                       Albert King
        Down Don't Bother Me (11129)
S-202   Little Bluebird (11126)                    Johnnie Taylor
        Toe Hold (11127)
S-203   Jingle Bells (11058)                       Booker T. & The MG's
        Winter Wonderland (11060)
S-204   You Got Me Hummin' (11131)                 Sam & Dave
        Sleep Good Tonight (11132)
S-205   You're Taking Up Another 
                     Man's Place (11159)           Mable John
        If You Give Up What You Got (11160)
S-206   All I Want For Christmas Is You (11133)    Carla Thomas
        Winter Snow (11134)
S-207   Something Good (Is Gonna Happen 
                                 To You)(11318)    Carla Thomas
        It's Starting To Grow (11319)
S-208   Raise Your Hand (11343)                    Eddie Floyd
        I've Been Feeling Bad (11344)
S-209   Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons
                               Than One) (11417)   Johnnie Taylor
        Outside Love (11418)
S-210   When Something Is Wrong With My 
                                   Baby (11172)    Sam & Dave
        Small Portion Of Your Love (11468)
S-211   Hip Hug-Her (11666)                        Booker T. & The MG's
        Summertime (edited) (9180)
S-212   Everybody Loves A Winner (11799)           William Bell
        Sweet Thang (11800)
S-213   Mini-Skirt Minnie (11866)                  Sir Mack Rice
        Mini-Skirt Minnie (instrumental) (11867)         
S-214   When Tomorrow Comes (11868)                Carla Thomas
        Unchanging Love (11869)
S-215   Same Time, Same Place (1192)               Mable John
        Bigger And Better (1193)
S-216   Tramp (11628)                              Otis Redding 
        Tell It Like It Is (11629)                 & Carla Thomas
S-217   Born Under A Bad Sign (12428)              Albert King
        Personal Manager (12429)
S-218   Soothe Me (live) (12430)                   Sam & Dave
        I Can't Stand Up (For Falling Down) (12431)
S-219   Don't Rock The Boat (12432)                Eddie Floyd
        This House (12433)
S-220   Love Sickness (12490)                      Sir Mack Rice
        I Gotta Have My Baby's Love (12491)
S-221   Sophisticated Sissy (12448)                Rufus Thomas
        Greasy Spoon (12449)
S-222   I'll Always Have Faith In You (12464)      Carla Thomas
        Stop Thief (12261)
S-223   Love Is A Doggone Good Thing (12623)       Eddie Floyd
        Hey Now (12624)
S-224   Groovin' (12326)                           Booker T. & The MG's
        Slim Jenkin's Place (12328)
S-225   I'm A Big Girl Now (12714)                 Mable John
        Wait You Dog (12715)
S-226   You Can't Get Away From It (12712)         Johnnie Taylor
        If I Had It To Do Over (12713)
S-227   Eloise (Hang On In There) (12603)          William Bell
        One Plus One (12711)
S-228   Knock On Wood (11626)                      Otis Redding
        Let Me Be Good To You (11627)              & Carla Thomas
S-229   I'm Glad To Do It (12775)                  C.L. Blast
        Double Up (12774)
S-230   You Can't Run Away From Your Heart (12783) Judy Clay
        It Takes A Lotta Good Love (12784)
S-231   Soul Man (12482)                           Sam & Dave
        May I Baby (12483)
S-232   Daddy Didn't Tell Me (12669)               The Astors
        More Power To You (12670)
S-233   On A Saturday Night (13080)                Eddie Floyd
        Under My Nose (13081)
S-234   Don't Hit Me No More (13103)               Mable John
        Left Over Love (13104)
S-235   Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed (13162)      Johnnie Taylor
        Strange Things (Happening In My Heart)(13163)
S-236   Winter Snow (13445)                        Booker T. & The MG's
        Silver Bells (11063)
S-237   Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday (13464)    William Bell
        Ain't Got No Girl (13465)
S-238   What I'll Do For Satisfaction (13492)      Johnny Daye
        I Need Somebody (13493)
S-239   Pick Up The Pieces (13521)                 Carla Thomas
        Separation (13522)
S-240   Down Ta' My House (13518)                  Rufus Thomas
        Steady Holding On (13519)
S-241   Cold Feet (13607)                          Albert King
        You Sure Drive A Hard Bargain (13608)
S-242   I Thank You (13686)                        Sam & Dave
        Wrap It Up (13687)
S-243   Don't Pass Your Judgment (1209)            The Memphis Nomads
        I Wanna Be(Your Lover & Your Honey) (1210)
S-244   Lovey Dovey (13631)                        Otis Redding
        New Year's Resolution (13632)              & Carla Thomas
S-245   I Got A Sure Thing (13746)                 Ollie & The Nightingales
        Girl You Have My Heart Singing (13747)
S-246   Big Bird (13748)                           Eddie Floyd
        Holding On With Both Hands (13108)
S-247   Next Time (13841)                          Johnnie Taylor
        Hello Sundown (13842)
S-248   A Tribute To A King (13938)                William Bell
        Every Man Oughta Have A Woman (13937)
S-249   Able Mable (13935)                         Mable John
        Don't Get Caught (13936)
S-250   The Memphis Train (13933)                  Rufus Thomas
        I Think I Made A Boo Boo (13934)
S-251   A Dime A Dozen (14004)                     Carla Thomas
        I Want You Back (14005)          
S-252   (I Love) Lucy (14109)                      Albert King
        You're Gonna Need Me (14110)
S-253   I Ain't Particular (14231                  Johnnie Taylor
        Where There's Smoke There's Fire (14132)
End of Atlantic/Atco distribution, May 68