ENA-9000 serie
9001   Private Number                              Sonny Stitt
Heads Or Tails
9002 Finger Lickin' Good Art Jerry Miller
Grab A Handful
9003 Walk On By Isaac Hayes
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
9004 Someone Floyd Brown
One More Future
9005 The Ballad Of Otis B. Watson Sid Selvidge
Going Through Another Change
9006 The Mistletoe And Me Isaac Hayes
Winter Snow
9007   Talking Back To Echoes                      Chuck Boris
You'll Wake Up Wiser
9008 Leave Me Alone Clark Sullivan
Feel Like Trying
9009 Stormy Billy Eckstine
When You're Looking In The Mirror (You're
Looking At The One I Love)
9010 Kings Row Black Oak Arkansas
Older Than Grandpa
9011 A Household Word The Effete Corp
Monica Brown Of Impudent Snobs
9012 Just The Way You Are Today Barbara Lewis
You Made Me A Woman
9013 Baby What You Want Me To Do Little Sonny
The Creeper Returns
9014 One Part Love, Two Parts Pain David Porter
Can't See You When I Want To
9015 Black Hands White Cotton The Caboose
In My Hour Of Need
9016 Love's Not Hard To Find Dallas County
Small Vacation
9017 I Stand Accused Isaac Hayes
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
9018 Find My Way Casper Peters
9019 Got It Together Pt. I & II Rudy Robinson
The Real Deal
9020 Mississipi Mud Smithstonian
Just Sittin'
9021 Wade In The Water Little Sonny
They Want Money
9022 Reaching For A Rainbow Clark Sullivan
Leave Me Alone
9023 Maryanna Chuck Boris
Why Did It Take You So Long
9024 What Can I Call My Own The Caboose
9025 Name Of My Sorrow Billy Eckstine
I Wanna Be Your Baby
9026 Knock On Wood Finley Brown
Got To Get To Church On Time
9027 Ask The Lonely Barbara Lewis
Why Did It Take You So Long
9028   The Look Of Love                            Isaac Hayes
Ike's Mood
9029 That's The Way I Like It Barbara Lewis
9030 Crazy Balls The Wacky Clackers
How Will I Know When My Love Comes Along
9031 I Can't Help It Isaac Hayes
Never Can Say Goodbye
9032 Love Is A Sunny Day John Roger Branch
9 To 5
9033 Country Music That's My Thing O.B. Mc Clinton
San Bernardino
9034 A Woman Named Trouble Little Sonny
You Got A Good Thing
9035 Double Dealin' Woman Finley Brown
9036 Bad One Gary Jones
I Just Can't Make It By Myself
9037 If I Give It Up, I Want It Back, part I David Porter
If I Give It Up, I Want It Back, part II
9038 Theme From Shaft Isaac Hayes
Cafe Regio's
9039 Black Nasty Boogie Pt. 6 Black Nasty
Black Nasty Boogie Pt. 9
9040 Bad Guys Don't Always Wear Black Hats O.B. Mc Clinton
The Ballad Of A Stamp Licker
9041 I Can Smell That Funky Music Eric Mercury
Listen With Your Eyes
9042   Do Your Thing                               Isaac Hayes
Ellie's Love Theme
9043 Happy Song River City Street Band
Lamp Of Love
9044 Deep In The Heart Of Me O.B. Mc Clinton
Slip Away
9045 Soulsville Isaac Hayes
Let's Stay Together
9046 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby Billy Eckstine
Today Was Tomorrow Yesterday
9047 What's Usual Seems Natr'l Eric Mercury
The Truth Will Set You Free
9048 Day By Day Ben Atkins
Good Days Are Coming
9049 Ain't That Loving You Isaac Hayes & David Porter
Baby, I'm A Want You
9050 I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over David Porter
Hang On Sloopy
9051 Six Pack Of Trouble O.B. Mc Clinton
You Don't Love Me
9052 Some Other Man River City Street Band
Two Different People
9053 Going Down Slow Pt. I & II Little Sonny
You Can Be Replaced
9054 Gettin' Funky 'Round Here Black Nasty
Rushing Sea
9055 When The Chips Are Down David Porter
I Wanna Be Your Somebody
9056 With A Little Bit Of Love Louis Paul
Gotta Get Away
9057 Caution Eddie Bond
Is My Woman Just Another Traitor
9058 Theme From The Men Isaac Hayes
Type Thang
9059 Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You O.B. Mc Clinton
Lay A Little Lovin' On Her
9060 It's Christmas Time (And We Are All Alone) Louis Paul
Santa Claus Is On His Way Again
9061   Baby, Now That I've Found You               Big Ben
Would I Better Gone
9062 My Whole World Is Falling Down O.B. Mc Clinton
Music City Tennessee
9063 That Glass Eddie Bond
Ben Bailey's Bottom Farm
9064 Marlow's Theme (Marlow's Catfish Song) River City Street Band
Magic Country Box
9065 (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Isaac Hayes
Do Right
Rolling Down A Mountainside
9066 Papa's Wagon Rolan Eaton
Danger Zone
9067 Black Cat Moan Don Nix
The Train Don't Stop Here No More
9068 Purple Cow Dale Yard
I'm A Goin' A Courtin'
9069 Satisfied Woman Paige O'Brian
Sweet Sugar Daddy
9070 I Wish It Would Rain O.B. Mc Clinton
Obie From Senatobie
9071 Long As You're The One Somebody In The David Porter
When You Have To Sneak, You Have To Sneak
9072 unissued
9073   Truck Driver's Heaven                       Roger Hallmark
I'm Not The Man
9074 Another Chance Lana Sley
It's Touching
9075 My Girl Danny Bryan
Get Down To It
9076 I Didn't Mean To Love You Billy Eckstine
I Wanna Be Your Man
9077 Merry-Go-Round Louis Paul
Misty Crystal
9078 Hawkins Farm River City Street Band
Sunshine Won't You Help Me
9079 You Don't Miss Your Water O.B. Mc Clinton
Let Me Love You Like I Want To
9080 Love Is Taking Over Eric Mercury
Take A Walk Down My Street
9081 Ruby Dean Joe Hicks
Train Of Thoughts
9082 Buford Pusser Goes Bear Hunting With Eddie Bond
A Switch
Buford Pusser Walking Tall
9083 When I Lay My Burden Down Don Nix
She's A Friend Of Mine
9084 The Unluckiest Songwriter In Nashville O.B. Mc Clinton
I Want You In The Morning
9085 Joy Pt. I Isaac Hayes
Joy Pt. II
9086 The Miracle Of The Rosary Lee Denson
A Mom And A Dad For Christmas
9087 Season's Greetings Cix Bits
New Year's Resolution
9088 Change It All Joy Fleming
Ashes To Ashes
9089 Don't Lose Faith In The Lord Eric Mercury
Sweet Sara
9090   I Got You And I'm Glad                      David Porter
Falling Out, Fallin In
9091 Something Better O.B. McClinton
I'd Rather Be A Stranger
9092 My Woman Is Good To Me Little Sonny
It's Hard Goin' Up
9093 If She Walked Into My Life Billy Eckstine
9094 My Dream Louis Paul
I Like Rock'n Roll
9095 Wonderful Isaac Hayes
Someone Made You For Me
9096 It's You Connie Eaton
Love Is So Illusive
9097 Wind Me Up River City Street Band
Marlow's Theme
9098 Talking To The People Black Nasty
Must Be In Love
9099 Rock N Roll Warming Larry Raspberry & The
Tonight Highsteppers
9100 If You Loved Her That Way O.B. McClinton
Mr. Miller's Granddaughter
9101 Goodness Gracious Kim Weston
Beautiful People
9102 Fancy Chico Hamilton
Conquistadores '74
9103 The Way I'm Needing You Cliff Cochran
Hearts Are Like That, Yes They Are
9104 Title Theme Isaac Hayes
Hang Up On My Baby
9105 I Wanna Be Wrong Right Now Connie Eaton
Let's Get Together
9106 A Truer Love You'll Never Find Frank Hobson /
Good Old Fashioned Country Becky Burning
9107 Blind, Crippled And Crazy O.B. McClinton
Lean On Me
9108 Yours And Mine O.B. McClinton
Lean On Me
9109 All The Love You'll Ever Need Cliff Cochran
I'd Do As Much For You
9110 The Most Wanted Woman O.B. Mc Clinton
Blind, Crippled And Crazy
9111 The River's Too Wide Karen Kasey
The Way I'm Needing You
9112 Summer Song Cliff Cochran
She's Only Lonely
9113 I Want You In The Morning O.B. McClinton
Short Red Dress
Completed with the help of many friends, including René Wu, Pierre Daguerre and Peter Gibbon.