6177   Cause I Love You                             Rufus & Carla Thomas
       Deep Down Inside
6199   I Didn't Believe                             Rufus & Friend
       Yeah Yea-Ah


6388   Dancing Annie                                Ted Taylor
       Try Me Again

1969 and later

6592   Amen                                         Otis Redding
       Hard To Handle
6612   I've Got Dreams To Remember                  Otis Redding
       Nobody's Fault But Mine
6631   Merry Christmas Baby                         Otis Redding
       White Christmas
6636   Direct Me                                    Otis Redding
       Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
6654   A Lover's Question                           Otis Redding
       You Made A Man Out Of Me                    
6665   When Something Is Wrong With My Baby         Otis Redding 
       Ooh Carla, Ooh Otis                          & Carla Thomas
6677   Love Man                                     Otis Redding
       I Can't Turn You Lose (live)               
6700   Your Love has Lifted Me (Higher And Higher)  Otis Redding
       Free Me
6723   That's A Good Idea                           Otis Redding
       Look At That Girl
6742   Demonstration                                Otis Redding
       Johnny's Heartbreak
6766   Give Away None Of My Love                    Otis Redding
       Snatch A Little Piece
6802   I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)  Otis Redding
       Try A Little Tenderness (live at Monterey)